Stella Artois and Conduct Hidden Camera Experiment to Demonstrate Impact of the Global Water Crisis

On the heels of encouraging consumers to “Make Your Super Bowl Party Matter” to help end the global water crisis, and in advance of Stella Artois and’s Super Bowl debut, the brand is launching “The Wait for Water,” a digital video to further contextualize the global water crisis. The video, released today, challenges people to imagine their everyday lives without access to clean water – a daily reality for millions of people in the developing world. It spotlights the reactions of unsuspecting people around the world when they are told that water won’t be available to them for up to six hours – the amount of time on average women in the developing world spend collecting water each day.

“The Wait for Water,” featuring co-founder Matt Damon, brings the stark reality of this crisis into perspective in a thought-provoking video that captures a hidden camera experiment conducted in a hotel in the U.K., a restaurant in the U.S. and a workspace and café in South America. In each situation, patrons who ask for water are told that there will be none available, sparking a range of reactions. The resulting video illustrates the way so many of us take water – a basic human necessity – for granted, and how disruptive it would be if we did not have access to clean water every day.

“We’ve learned this issue is hard for many people to relate to because clean, accessible water is a constant presence in their lives,” said Matt Damon, co-founder of “Yet for millions around the world, this isn’t the case. Our challenge is to help create that understanding.”

Super Bowl Advertiser Stella Artois Releases Second Piece of Content to Contextualize the Global Water Crisis in Advance of the Big Game

The new video is an extension of the brand’s “Make Your Super Bowl Party Matter” initiative that kicked off its partnership with last month. The call to action has been rallying those buying beer for the Super Bowl to stock up on Stella Artois to help provide access to clean water for those in the developing world. 

The Stella Artois and Super Bowl spot, “Taps,” also stars co-founder Matt Damon. The 30 second spot positions water taps and instant access to clean water as something most people in the U.S. might take for granted, while people in the developing world have to walk hours each day to collect water. Showcasing the Stella Artois Limited-Edition Chalice, which has been the centerpiece of the campaign since its inception in 2015, the ad invites viewers to help end the global water crisis by purchasing a Chalice, ultimately giving time back to those whose daily life revolves around the journey to find water. 

“Announcing that we’re using the Super Bowl to raise awareness for the global water crisis has already put this issue on a major stage,” said Harry Lewis, Vice President, Stella Artois. “Now with the release of ‘The Wait for Water’ we are putting the global water crisis into fresh perspective to further inspire those who can help make an impact to take action this year.”



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