Tesco launches dedicated section in stores for menopause-friendly products

Tesco is trialling a new menopause-friendly section in selected stores, helping customers find dedicated products to help manage their symptoms and highlight other items that are safe to use when menopausal.
It comes as the retailer joins forces with GenM, an awareness collective who empower brands to transform how women search, source and shop when going through the menopause. The M-tick, the world’s first symbol to signpost menopause-friendly products, will now be clearly visible on products, both in Tesco stores and online. 
And to celebrate the partnership, for the next six weeks products from a number of leading brands will have their own dedicated space at the end of an aisle in nearly 200 stores across Great Britain. This will give customers experiencing menopause confidence to shop for products they need and want, alongside supportive education to help customers understand what products will help their personal symptoms and help them decide what is right for them. 
With more than 70% of women experiencing one or more of the 48 types of recognised menopausal symptoms*, many of which can be debilitating and life-changing, key products to feature in the dedicated display include Vitabiotics vitamins, Nivea, Olay and Simple skincare products, and Tena and Always products. Davina McCall’s bestselling new book, ‘Menopausing’, will also be featured on the aisle ends. 
While on Tesco.com, customers can now browse a permanent dedicated menopause filter under the Health & Beauty section of the website, where they will find more than 450 carefully curated products chosen as a result of research into online shopping habits of those going through the menopause. 
Tesco is committed to Menopause support and in October 2023, it announced that the free Understanding Menopause booklet from not for profit organisation Menopause Support would be easily available to every customer who accesses Tesco.com, to help them prepare and manage their symptoms better and look after their health. 
And with over 130,000 women working for Tesco, Tesco is further supporting colleagues going through the menopause with a number of initiatives, including menopause friendly uniforms made from a lightweight, more breathable fabric that is cooler and more comfortable to wear at work.
Tom Lye, Tesco’s Category Director for Health, Beauty and Wellness, said: “Tesco is committed to transforming the shopping experience for those going through the menopause and working with Gen-M is the next step in supporting our customers and colleagues. We hope the dedicated display in stores and the online filter will provide reassurance around what products are safe to use and help signpost to products that can ease the symptoms associated with menopause.”

Heather Jackson, co-founder of Gen-M, said: “We are delighted to welcome Tesco into the GenM collective of responsible brands and retailers and couldn’t be prouder to see Tesco creating a designated space for menopause-friendly products in stores and deploying our game-changing menopause-friendly symbol, the MTick, as the all-important signpost to these products.
“Tesco is pioneering the future of retail and leading the way in truly embracing and understanding menopausal consumers, underpinned by our research. All of this serves to empower this historically overlooked audience with the choice and control to manage their menopause in the way that best suits them. We can’t underestimate the impact of a national retailer leading the way and showing what is possible.”

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