The latest campaign of the Red Cross International Committee: Is the world ready to face a nuclear war?

The latest campaign of the Red Cross International Committee against Nuclear Weapons, led by Nacho Gayán.

With the creativity of the Spanish agency Mrs. Rushmore and produced by Agosto, the 120-second piece entitled “Choose” features a disheartening story focused on the ever more real threat of nuclear weapons.

In this ad, two friends discuss their futures in the hypothetical case of a nuclear explosion at that very moment and the consequences their choices would have on their lives. Directed by Nacho Gayán,and with cinematography by Christos Voudouris (Alps, Before Midnight)this campaign can be seen in more than one hundred countries around the world.

Starring Joe Madley and Curt Faulkner, and with a special effects team led by Juan Carlos Dávila and Rafael Solórzano (El Ranchito), the shooting took place last September for 3 days in Barcelona. Kharmel Cochrane (The End of the F***ing World) was in charge of the casting.

The aim of “Choose” is to raise awareness about an issue of extreme importance: nuclear weapons and the importance of all countries coming together to ban them. Currently, nine countries in the world possess nuclear weapons with a destructive capacity of more than one thousand times that unleashed in Hiroshima 70 years ago. That’s why the Red Cross International Committee wants to educate the public about this topic, but especially the youngest segment of the population, most of whom are unaware of this type of weapons and their destructive consequences.

The Red Cross International Committee is a neutral and independent organisation that offers protection and humanitarian assistance to the victims of armed conflicts and other violent situations. Moreover, they respond to natural emergencies and disasters in war zones and promote respect and the application of international human rights.

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