The Mars Wrigley Foundation’s Litter Less Partnership Begins Next Chapter

The next generation continues to demonstrate passion and perseverance to keep our planet healthy. Together, the Mars Wrigley Foundation and the Foundation for Environmental Education continue to support students through the Litter Less campaign. Now the longest-running school campaign addressing issues of litter and waste, Litter Less has entered its fourth phase and will be implemented in 15 countries through 2021, meaning more proud smiles for students of all ages. 

Since the campaign launched in 2011, Litter Less has educated more than three million students around the world and engaged communities in awareness-raising efforts. Through the Eco-Schools and Young Reporters for the Environment programs, students will continue to carry out litter action plans and media campaigns which aim to tackle specific litter and waste issues. These issues will be carefully selected by the schools, together with their national operators, in order to achieve the biggest and most relevant impact in their local communities.

“The Foundation for Environmental Education is privileged for the funding and cooperation it has been granted by the Mars Wrigley Foundation since 2011,” says Daniel Schaffer, CEO of FEE. “The funding of these two extra years are a testament to the impact we have had with the campaign to date. Litter is a form of a pollution that continues to increase as a serious global threat. The situation our oceans are facing due to plastic and micro plastic pollution are a sad example of this. Hence we believe this fourth phase is essential for our ongoing efforts in educating and changing the behavior of children, youth and adults around the world.” 

A campaign with a clear impact 
Based on research conducted the past two years, the Litter Less Campaign has a clear positive impact on students’ knowledge, attitude and opinion leadership with respect to litter and waste management. The data shows that students who participate in the campaign know more about waste management, conserve more resources and are less likely to litter compared with students who do not participate in the campaign.

“The impact of the Litter Less Campaign during these last few years is incredibly huge. Schools have highlighted how the behavior of pupils, staff and members of the community has changed as a positive consequence of it. The increase in awareness in terms of recycling, reusing and reducing is the evidence of the success of this campaign,” shared Julie Giles, national operator in Northern Ireland. 

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