The Wayback VR opens Crowdfunder

One of the ethical campaigns we really enjoyed last year was the Wayback Campaign, in fact we had it as our favourite Campaign for November last year, if you missed it here is the original post:

VR helps dementia sufferers by transporting them back in time

The people behind the original Wayback film for those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, have asked for help in helping them to create another. 

This time the team want to reach even more people by recreating the summer of 1966 in virtual reality 360 film – leading all the way up to those wonderful World Cup final winning celebrations.

But this film is not all about football – it’s about immersing viewers once again in many of the sights, sounds of that wonderful time – triggering memories and feelings by using music, fashion, food  and conversations from that time… as well as the sporting memories. 

As David Sheard, a leading expert in dementia care, noted:  “People don’t just remember their past memories, they feel the emotions that went with them. The Wayback virtual reality film offers those living with dementia the opportunity to live in the moment, to go back in time, feel connected and just ‘be’ again.”

Many people have asked how you could buy, or support, The Wayback. Well, this is how.

This project is entirely crowdfunded and relies on the support of people like all of us who believe in its potential. They’ve started another Kickstarter fund. We have 20 days to raise £60k.

Can you help us with a pledge on the link below – and a share to your network?

This is one of those projects which I think it would be great if people could share and get out there, I don’t normally ask people to share campaigns but this is one which I think would be great if it could get out to as many people as possible, by sharing the kickstarter link above or this post.


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