UN Women wins home Clio Gold Award and ADCOLOR MVP Award in 2019

The video series “Courage to Question” produced by UN Women and Google has been awarded ADCOLOR’s Most Valuable Partners (MVP) Award. Additionally, the campaign “Closer Than You Think”, produced by UN Women’s National Committee in Iceland has been awarded the Clio Gold Award.

“Closer Than You Think” puts a focus on violence against women, asking men to read true stories of gender-based violence, written by women survivors. The film captures their reactions as the men learn that they were in the same room with the survivor at the end of the reading. The Clio Awards, recognizes innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design and communications.

The video series “Courage to Question”, produced by Google with the support of UN Women and Vital Voices, give a virtual reality glimpse into the experiences and struggles of four activists who are fighting to ensure no woman or girl is left behind. ADCOLOR’s MVP award recognizes the critical need for collaboration, by honouring those who have worked together to provide solutions.

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