VistaPrint launch Christmas card collection designed by The Prince’s Trust-supported young people

This year, VistaPrint have launched a special collection of Christmas cards in partnership with The Prince’s Trust.

Eleven festive cards have been designed by six The Prince’s Trust supported young people, alongside nine cards created by professional freelance designers.

These limited-edition cards have been available to purchase online from 1st October 2022 until 7th January 2023, with VistaPrint donating 10% of the sale proceeds to The Trust to help young people most in need of our support.

Ben  Marson, Director of Partnerships, said “This new campaign with VistaPrint is a fantastic initiative which shines a light on young talent and demonstrates the creativity of young people supported by The Prince’s Trust. 

With 10% of proceeds being donated to The Prince’s Trust, it is great that young people we have previously supported at The Trust have used their skills and hard work to help even more young people find their pathway to success.”

Hear from the six young designers below:

Emma-Leigh Hayes

“Before I started with The Prince’s Trust I was down on my luck and struggling to find work, my mental health was low and I didn’t see a way of being happy. Now, with the support of the Trust and a lot of knowledge backing me, I run my own successful art business, Fragment Crafting.”

Without the Trust I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I want to thank them for everything. The Trust has changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“I took part in this campaign because my family loves Christmas, and it has always been such a wonderful time for me and my mum especially. We decorate the entire house December first, much to my dads dismay, and we adore Christmas decor. I wanted to make a card that included some natural themes as well as Christmassy ones, and am so pleased to have been chosen by Vistaprint. So this ones dedicated to my Christmas mad mum; Thank you for all your love and support.”

Alexander Simpson

“I started with a ‘Google I.T. Course’, I really enjoyed this course and even though it was quite difficult, I learned loads of new skills. I then went on to do a ‘Conservation and Social Media’ course. My year working with The Prince’s Trust has been 100% positive, all the Trust staff have been encouraging, patient and kind and I’m so grateful for all the help and support that I’ve received.”

I will never forget this year and believe that The Prince’s Trust has put me on the road to a successful and happy life.

“A Trust staff member (Jo Bouchard) asked if I would like to enter the Christmas Card competition. The only drawback with this was that it had to be done digitally and I hadn’t done this before. She was very encouraging though and advised me to give it a go, I’ve since found out that I’m actually quite good at digital art. Following this I’ve gone on to use Digital Art to design and produce a poster for the National Autistic Society. I am thrilled that I have learned a completely new skill and that I enjoy it so much.”

Luke Riggs

“With The Prince’s Trust help, we went from graduates who couldn’t get a meaningful job to developing skills in marketing, finance, and sales. We have used all the courses they have to offer to continue growing our own business.”

We have found it so difficult to stand out in such a saturated market and thought the VistaPrint campaign would be a great opportunity to showcase our own designs!

Emma Chapman

“Before I started the Enterprise programme I was just starting out as a freelance Graphic Designer. I had a few clients but wanted to learn more about how to run the business and build to bigger and better things.”

“I decided to submit some designs to the VistaPrint Christmas card campaign because I thought it would be a great way to get my name out there and showcase my talents.”

I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope to do many more in the future!

Gabriella Wilde

“The Prince’s Trust has given me the confidence I needed to view myself as an entrepreneur. With no previous formal business training or learning, the idea of setting up my own business felt quite daunting.”

Thanks to the programme I feel reassured in my knowledge and expertise and am now eager to launch my business imminently.

“I was very excited by this campaign and eager to have a go! Whilst working with The Prince’s Trust I have been developing my graphic design skills alongside my illustration work, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine these elements. Thank you so much to VistaPrint for providing this platform for new businesses!”

Joseph L

I’m currently taking part in the Enterprise programme with the ambition to create my own art-focused business.

VistaPrint have supported our Enterprise programme helping over 81 young people explore entrepreneurship and start a business.

Claire Reynolds, Marketing Director of UKIE for VistaPrint, says, “For the past four years, VistaPrint has proudly partnered with The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme to help give young and budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. Throughout this time, the talent showcased by the young people working with the charity has been incredible, and we’ve been blown away with the art created for our Christmas card collaboration. These cards are a perfect gesture to celebrate the season with family and friends, while also giving a little something back too.”

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