Waitrose and Aldi become first UK supermarkets to commit to ending the sale of disposable barbecues

Waitrose and Aldi have become the first UK supermarkets to commit to ending the sale of disposable barbecues, with Waitrose already removing them across all 331 of its core stores.

The move comes as increasing pressure mounts from leading charities and environmental organisations for supermarkets to remove disposable barbecues due to their potentially hazardous impact to the environment.

We estimate this will save around 70,000 disposable barbecues from being sold per year, which will save multiple tonnes of paper labels, shrink wrap plastic, cooking grills, foil and card.

Lucy Comer, Buyer at Waitrose said: “Disposable barbecues present a risk to our natural habitats and this is why we’ve committed to removing them from our shelves this year. This is the right thing to do to preserve our local ecosystems and another example of the work we’re doing to protect the planet. We applaud Aldi for standing with us to make this happen and we hope other retailers will follow.”

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