Waitrose roots for UK’s first sustainable home fertiliser product

Waitrose will be the first supermarket in Europe to sell a new plant-based non-chemical fertiliser that is 100% natural, fully sustainable and completely peat-free.

From the end of February, PlantGrow will be exclusively available in 220 Waitrose shops, increasing to 260 after Easter.  

An innovation developed by a Norfolk-based farming family, PlantGrow is the first product within the home fertiliser category to be produced entirely from a renewable energy process. 

Made up of a range of different plant tissues and residues through a patented process of anaerobic digestion, the process converts surplus crops, fruits, and vegetables whilst creating electricity for the local communities. The unique digester residue is rich in natural fertilising elements, packed with micronutrients, and has outstanding results when applied to soils or composts.

With global peat shortages and many home fertilisers containing chemicals, PlantGrow is kinder to the soil** and less harmful to organisms, including insects, birds and other natural wildlife.

Rachel Simmonds, assistant buyer at Waitrose, comments:

“As a nation, we are becoming increasingly thoughtful about the impact our choices have on the planet. We know that our customers are the same and, like us, care deeply about the future of our planet. Many of them are gardeners and we expect PlantGrow will be a big hit with them and anyone looking to treat their garden with a more sustainable solution.”

Steve Suggitt, Managing Director of PlantGrow, comments:

“We’re thrilled to have the weight of one of the UK’s leading retailers behind us to help PlantGrow reach further afield. We see Waitrose not only for its name but its beliefs in a more eco friendly and sustainable future, and this product will help many of its customers maintain their gardens in a greener and more sustainable manner.”

PlantGrow is an award-winning plant-based gardening solution, having recently been recommended by Which? Magazine and winning the coveted “Breaking Boundaries Award” at the Norfolk Business awards. 

It has also been endorsed by some of the UK’s leading horticultural experts and professors of garden science such as Alan Gray from the BBC, horticultural broadcaster Ellen Mary and garden pest expert Dr Ian Bedford for its natural and remedial properties.

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