This week’s been Football week

It’s been an interesting week, following on from last week’s post Bell Pottinger has apparently gone into Administration and for many it is seen as a warning that certain practices will not be tolerated.

This week has also been a good one for football and ethical marketing and products. UEFA may not be the first thing you think of when talking about ethics of late so it was nice to see them trying something, at least on the face of it. Some of football’s biggest stars joined forces with grassroots players from around Europe in the advertisements for #EqualGame, UEFA’s new RESPECT social responsibility campaign, which positively promotes inclusion, diversity and accessibility in football.

Ada Hegerberg, Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Cristiano Ronaldo feature together in two new videos, with an extended version premiering on Monday 11 September and an abbreviated TV spot making its first appearance on 12 September for Matchday 1 of the UEFA Champions League matches.

That wasn’t the only story regarding football we covered this week though we also covered Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata calling on fellow footballers to join him in Common Goal: a movement in which  players pledge 1% of their salaries to a collective fund that supports football charities around  the world.

“What we’re trying to do is define a shared social agenda for football,” explains Mata. “Common Goal goes beyond individual brands and egos to deliver a greater  impact. By making the pledge, we can form a lasting connection between football as a business and football as a tool for social change.”

Footballers are often seen as selfish and pampered so it’s nice to see some positive stuff coming out. Given some of the enormous salaries in world football now it’s incredible the money which could be earned my Mata’s plan. I would love to see it getting some traction and being out there more.

The other thing we did this week was add in a place where you could donate some money to help keep the site going if you feel so inclined with the donate button on the right hand side of the page, if you are in a position at all to help it would be much appreciated.

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Football’s biggest stars help to promote inclusion, diversity and accessibility

World Cup winner kicks off ‘new era’ of social impact in football


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