Zulu Alpha Kilo Creates Covid-19 Awareness Program Called #STAYHOME – Helping the World Come Together

The message to #STAYHOME is paramount. Zulu Alpha Kilo, an internationally recognized creative agency, is launching an awareness campaign, ‘stayhome’, by reformatting each country’s flag to demonstrate the #STAYHOME concept, creating patriotic TV spots, and also evoking social posts which remind us all to Rethink Social Visits Please (RSVP).

The creative agency’s previous campaigns around the world have garnered praise from Forbes and U.S. trade publication Ad Age also named it “Small Agency of the Year” in 2016 and 2017. Zulu’s newest pro bono campaign #STAYHOME underscores that small-but-mighty efforts are now critical to turn the tide in the face of the worldwide pandemic.


  • The Flag: The hero visual for the #STAYHOME program is the modified Canadian flag – the maple leaf is replaced with a home. A modified flag of Quebec is also part of the program. But this goes beyond Canada, so flags for other countries, including the USA, Mexico, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and India have also been created.
  • The Spots: In a series of Canadian and U.S. spots, each country’s respective flag is displayed and you’ll hear a home-recorded rough demo of “O Canada” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The spots finish with a title that reads #STAYHOME.
  • The Social: A series of Instagram story ‘invitations’ were inspired. Even though major public events have been cancelled, some people still sit on the fence about casual get-togethers or family celebrations. These animated invites (such as a ‘Baby Shower’ or a ‘BBQ’) urge people to reconsider the social plans in their calendars, twisting the typical ‘RSVP’ language to read ‘Rethink Social Visits Please.’ Separate Instagram executions convey a more serious message by outlining how seemingly harmless interactions could end up being fatal for friends or loved ones.

Creative agencies aren’t on the front lines of manufacturing life-saving products, but they can help by creating ideas that communicate the message: stay home and take this seriously. Encouraging all is key, whether it is agencies, brands or consumers, everyone can leverage this open-source viral brand that Zulu has created and implement the #STAYHOME logos for extensive use.  The creative agency is calling on the entire communications industry to support the rally cry for the country and the world.

Zulu has made their #STAYHOME flag freely available for anyone to use. The accompanying assets for download are also available to anyone across the country or the world, who would like to support the initiative. For Quebec they created a modified Fleur-de-lis. As the #STAYHOME message is not just for Canadians, rather a global plea, Zulu has created a modified #STAYHOME American flag accessible for download to friends and colleagues across the border, in hopes other countries will follow suit.

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