4creative campaign tees up climate change programming with carbon skid marks

Channel 4’s in-house creative agency 4creative has launched a striking campaign for Channel 4’s Change Climate season featuring the business and political elite as you’ve never seen them before – in their carbon skid marked underpants.

The campaign builds upon the premise that historically individuals have been at the centre of focus when it comes to making behavioural changes to reduce their carbon footprint.

This bold film calls out the actions and inactions of those in positions of power such as politicians and the CEOs of big businesses, questioning the extent to which they are doing enough.

Nic Moran, Head of Brand Campaigns, Channel 4, said: “When it comes to climate change the focus is often put on individuals to try harder which can lead to feelings of guilt, anxiety and helplessness, especially amongst younger generations. At Channel 4 we believe in our mission to challenge with purpose as we ask our audience ‘are those with power doing enough to combat the climate crisis?’”

Launching in November during the ad break in Channel 4 News, the on-air TV campaign, produced by Academy Films and directed by GRANDMAS, opens with a group of business colleagues quaffing champagne as they settle down into their seats on a private jet. As the captain announces the flight time will be a mere 14 minutes the suited passengers rip off their trousers, twerking carbon skid marked white underpants towards the camera.

The scene then jumps to an office presentation with a chart titled Oil Profits and a clear sharp rise in the graph. The businessman rips off his trousers with everyone in the meeting room following suit dancing and partying, displaying their carbon-stained underpants while throwing cash in the air.

The third scene is set in a political debating chamber where papers are strewn in disarray while politicians punch the air, celebrating and dancing in their stained underpants. The voiceover says: “We’re worried about our carbon footprint. But are those with power doing enough about their carbon skid mark? The Change Climate Season coming soon on Channel 4.”

The campaign featured in cinemas, OOH and online from 13th November.

Andy Vasey and Dan Warner, creative directors at 4creative, said: “The campaign creates an unignorable visual for an unignorable subject. People are recycling their backsides off, but are those with power doing enough in return? Ahead of a whole Channel 4 season dedicated to the topic, we wanted to create a planet sized debate.”

The season comprises four programmes – The Big Climate Fight with Mary Portas, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Oobah Butler and Kevin McCloud; Chicken vs Beef: The Big Switch presented by Ade Adepitan, The Great Climate Scandal and Chris Packham: Is it Time to Break the Law?

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