AdTheorent Partners with the Ad Council to Support the “Belonging Begins with Us” Campaign

AdTheorent, Inc., a programmatic digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers and marketers, and the Ad Council, a national nonprofit that mobilizes the energy and talents of the communications industry to make a measurable impact on the most critical social issues of today, today announced campaign results from the “Belonging Begins with Us” digital advertising campaign. The goal of the campaign was to promote inclusive communities and spread the “Belonging Begins with Us” message.

The Situation:
“Belonging Begins with Us” is a national campaign dedicated to fostering a more welcoming nation in which people feel that they belong, regardless of their background or where they were born.  The campaign was designed to remind audiences that we all have the power to make others feel safe and welcome in our communities. The campaign PSAs feature a cover of the 1968 hit song “Walk a Mile in My Shoes,” recorded by Lake Street Dive exclusively for the campaign. The song and powerful visuals remind audiences that everyone knows what it feels like to be left out – and for people who moved to this country, that feeling can last more than a moment.  By highlighting this shared emotional experience, the campaign creative sparks empathy and builds stronger bonds between everyone who calls America home. 

The Approach:
To drive awareness of the “Belonging Begins with Us” message among the target audience, AdTheorent ran a mix of video and display ad units to reach consumers across Connected TV, desktop and mobile devices. AdTheorent’s platform leveraged a custom CPA machine learning model fueled by non-individualized statistics and predictive targeting optimizations to identify and target consumers with the highest likelihood of completing the required actions – defined for CTV as video completes, and for display as people directed to engage with the campaign website.  AdTheorent utilized myriad signals in the custom predictive CPA model such as ad position, publisher, geo-intelligence, non-individualized user device attributes, location, and CTV exposure to drive an efficient CPA. Additionally, AdTheorent utilized sequential targeting to reach consumers across devices and mediums, and frequency optimizations to encourage multiple engagements.  Using conversion data from the target website ( and from CTV engagement, predictive models optimized toward users most likely to take desired actions on the brand site and drive a high video completion rate. 

The Results:
The campaign successfully drove viewership of the PSA video as well as site actions.  Overall, AdTheorent’s donated inventory delivered a CPA of $.39 for a landing page visit which exceeded industry benchmarks by 1,550%.  Additionally, AdTheorent’s CTV video completion rate was 98.57%.

AdTheorent’s data-driven platform identified targeting variables which yielded conversion lift, providing valuable insights for future flights of the campaign. Among a variety of campaign insights, mobile devices and desktops drove a stronger CPA than tablets.  For mobile ads, the most efficient environment was the mobile web on Android devices and for desktop ads, the Chrome browser performed the best.

“AdTheorent’s ability to reach consumers most likely to take the desired campaign actions — using real-time predictive targeting signals that do not rely on personal or sensitive data — results in more efficient media serving and better campaign outcomes, while operating in a privacy-forward way,” said Katherine Pastre, SVP, Media Strategy and Outreach of the Ad Council.  “For the ‘Belonging Begins with Us’ campaign, AdTheorent donated their strategic services and inventory to reach audiences most likely to engage without relying on user-specific profiles or individualized data.  We are thrilled with the results of the campaign as it outperformed benchmarks and allowed us to reach more people with this important message.”

To find out more about the “Belonging Begins with Us” campaign, visit

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