AdTheorent Supports First-Ever Campaign to Drive Incremental Visitors to Goodwill® Locations Nationwide

AdTheorent, Inc., a digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers and marketers, and the Ad Council, the national nonprofit that mobilizes the energy and talents of the communications industry to make a measurable impact on the most critical social issues of today, announced campaign results from the Goodwill “Bring Good Home” mobile advertising campaign. The primary campaign objective was to increase visitation and drive incremental visits to Goodwill store locations nationwide.

The Situation:
As the world’s leading workforce nonprofit provider, Goodwill is comprised of local organizations that empower people and help them reach their full potential through career and community services. The revenue from the sale of goods at Goodwill stores funds job placement, career services, such as credentialing and certifications as well as support services such as childcare, financial education, transportation, mentoring and more, transforming the lives of more than 34 million people each year. Driving visitors to Goodwill locations benefits local communities because more than 87 cents of every dollar spent at Goodwill stores nationwide is invested right back into that area to provide job and skills training so people can achieve sustainably better futures through employment.

The Approach:
To drive incremental visitors to Goodwill locations, AdTheorent leveraged its Cost Per Incremental Visit (CPIV) ad-pricing model, which was a first for the Goodwill brand. The CPIV pricing model guarantees that a brand pays only for incremental foot traffic, as verified by a third party. An incremental visit is a physical store visit from a consumer who would not have visited absent receipt of the digital ad, as distinguished from visits which might have happened anyway.

The mobile advertising campaign’s targeting and reach was amplified by AdTheorent’s custom machine learning solutions.  Specifically, AdTheorent developed custom machine learning models and used predictive targeting to reach consumers within a given distance of a Goodwill location. AdTheorent’s platform and data scientists used real-time visitation data to optimize campaign delivery in favor of consumers who were most likely to visit Goodwill.

Campaign Results:
The campaign was very successful in terms of driving incremental visits.  AdTheorent delivered a 470% lift in incremental visitation at 79% less than the contracted cost per incremental visit.  Based on the contracted rate, AdTheorent delivered 369% in added campaign value.

“Purchases made at Goodwill’s network of 158 community-based organizations, including more than 3,000 stores, help people achieve their personal and professional goals, whether it’s planning for their next career, polishing their job search and interview skills, getting their finances in order or overcoming a challenge specific to their experience or background,” said Katherine Pastre, SVP, Media Strategy and Outreach of Ad Council.  “We partnered with AdTheorent to deliver increased visitation and incremental visitation to Goodwill locations nationwide and they greatly exceeded the promised amount of consumer visitors, which allows Goodwills to advance their work in communities nationwide.”

AdTheorent’s data-driven platform identified targeting variables, which drove higher and will be used to inform future campaigns. For example, consumers who engaged with ad creative on Mondays and Tuesdays drove the highest amount of incremental visits. In addition, consumers who engaged via Wi-Fi were most likely to visit a Goodwill location, with users engaging on at-home Wi-Fi outperforming business Wi-Fi by four times.

“Due to AdTheorent’s data collection and advertising capabilities, the campaign around ‘Bring Good Home’ was impactful in terms of raising awareness about Goodwill’s critical mission to a new audience in order to help people find, earn and keep good jobs,” said Ryan Kuhn, interim CMO for Goodwill Industries International. “Shopping at Goodwill gives consumers a reason to celebrate because purchases support Goodwill’s mission to equip people with the learning, skills and training necessary to succeed and create better futures for themselves and their families.”

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