Advertising Unlocked helps students consider adland careers

84% of students feel more likely to pursue a career in advertising following Advertising Unlocked 2018, while nearly 90% of students attending see a role for themselves in adland. These are just some of the findings from the IPA’s comprehensive feedback survey.

Advertising Unlocked helps students consider adland careers

The survey also showed that 90% of teachers attending Advertising Unlocked 2018 felt that they were now more likely to recommend advertising as a potential career for their students.

Now in its second year, 70 agencies in nine cities across the UK hosted their own talks, demonstrations and workshops, giving more than 1,500 school, college and university students the chance to see what a life in advertising could offer them.

The students, 90% of whom were aged 18 or under and came from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds, were overwhelming positive in their anonymous feedback with comments including:

  • “The whole experience was fun and insightful. Meeting everyone today has helped open my eyes to the different paths I could pursue for a career.”
  • “I came in with little knowledge about advertising, and was not sure what I really wanted to do. As soon as everyone started talking I felt like that is exactly what I wanted to do!”
  • “Everything was so clear and perfect. I’ve learned so much about what a creative agency is and how the advertising industry works.”

Watch the story of Advertising Unlocked 2018:

Says Patrick Mills, Director of Membership and Professional Development, IPA: “I’m delighted that everyone from all sides – the students, teachers and the agencies themselves – had such a fantastic day discussing the different roles available in advertising. When we launched Advertising Unlocked last year, we wanted to help our agencies highlight what a phenomenal industry this is to students from all backgrounds. I’m thrilled that we have really built on last year’s success and hope that we start to feel the benefit of the Advertising Unlocked over the next few years in terms of attracting a diverse talent stream.”

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