APRA and ICCO launch enhanced agency quality certification

All member agencies in APRA (Association Of Public Relations) have been required to undergo certification since 2003. In recent years, their focus has shifted towards enhancing the certification process, particularly to better accommodate agencies undergoing certification for the first time, ensuring maximum benefit and relevance.

Agencies certified for quality according to the latest version of the Consultancy Management Standard (CMS IV) also comply with international standards for PR ethics, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

Radek Marsik, Chairman of the Board of APRA says:

“As Chairman of APRA, I’m proud to announce the evolution of our auditor service, a pivotal step in our commitment to advancing quality standards within the PR industry. With ICCO’s new CMS now extended to the Czech Republic, and PRAM Consulting becoming the first agency to achieve certification under this updated system, we’re witnessing a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence. Our ongoing efforts aim to enhance the certification process for agencies, ensuring it remains beneficial and relevant in today’s dynamic landscape.”

Jürgen Gangoly, Co-founder of Agency Experts says:

“At Agency Experts, we’re thrilled to partner with APRA in revolutionizing the certification process for PR agencies. Our collaboration with ICCO underscores our shared dedication to elevating industry standards on a global scale. With our expertise in quality audits and agency certifications, we’re committed to guiding agencies towards excellence. The certification of PRAM Consulting marks the beginning of an exciting era, and we’re excited to support more agencies in achieving their certification goals.”

PRAM Consulting is the first agency on Czech market, which was certificated by CMS IV and under new set up between APRA and Agency Experts.

Patrik Schober, Managing Partner of PRAM Consulting says:

“I operate my agency on quality management principles, enhancing my effectiveness and competitiveness. As a result, I become a stronger partner for my clients, who invest more in our services. CMS certification validates our high-level management practices.”

ICCO and Agency Experts started working together in 2009 and their main objective is to promote CMS on a global scale, delivering certification and auditor training.

Andras Stanislav, Managing Director of ICCO says:

“CMS is a globally recognized service quality certification, and ICCO is dedicated to continuously updating and refining it to meet the needs of agencies worldwide. With the introduction of new EU regulations and increasing client expectations, certification of service quality is becoming more crucial, particularly in the PR industry where CMS is tailored to excel.

Our strategic partnership with Agency Experts signifies our commitment to this cause, and we are proud to see one of our member countries, the Czech Republic, embracing this collaboration. We look forward to expanding this initiative to more countries in the future. Congratulations to the pioneering agency in CZ to achieve certification under the new system.”

If you would like to become CMS certified, apply to support@iccopr.com to receive the application and arrange an audit with your local PR association or auditing body, or learn more here: https://iccopr.com/member-area-documents/consultancy-management-standard-2/

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