ASA – Rulings Podcast: Gender, Politics and Activism

The ASA/CAP have released a post called: Rulings Podcast: Gender, Politics and Activism. I have enclosed the text of the link below, but please have a look at the ASA/CAP site as there are lots of things of interest to anyone with an interest in Ethical Marketing.

The latest episode of our Rulings podcast is now available, covering four major rulings on three topics. We’ve looked at cases on political advertising, harmful gender stereotypes and animal rights activism.

Politics, gender and activists

In this episode, hosted by James Miller, two of our Senior Investigations Executives, Carrie Speer and Catherine Drewett, explore four recent rulings and explain what the ads were, what people complained about, and what the ASA ultimately decided.

The trio looked at ads from Volkswagen, Buxton (Nestlé), the Home Office, and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

All our previous episodes are available on the ASA Soundcloud channel, where we’ve covered animals in ads, influencers, celebrities, food and much more.

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