Bliss and The Trevor Project Join Forces to Help At-Risk LGBTQ Youth During COVID-19 and Beyond

In today’s new reality, mental health has never been more universally top of mind. For the LGBTQ community, this isolation we’re all experiencing imposes an exponentially more severe mental burden. In advance of Mental Health Awareness Month, leading spa and beauty brand, Bliss, announces its philanthropic partnership with The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, to support the community as COVID-19 continues to take an extreme toll on mental health.

Historically, LGBTQ youth have experienced higher rates of discrimination and rejection than their peers, which increases their risk for depression, anxiety, substance use, and suicidality; these risks are even further pronounced amongst youth who are transgender and nonbinary. Thus, LGBTQ youth are particularly vulnerable to the negative mental health impacts associated with COVID-19. Between school closures and physical distancing, there’s an acute loss of social connections that protect LGBTQ youth from suicidality. According to research, some LGBTQ youth are being confined to environments that may be unsupportive or abusive, and one third remain quarantined in homes where they’re specifically experiencing parental rejection. It’s resources like those from The Trevor Project that support this community now more than ever and allow them to feel they are not alone – and the support is being heeded.

“When we heard that The Trevor Project had received more outreach, texts, and calls from LGBTQ youth in crisis than ever before in its 22-year history, we realized that now was the time to kick off our planned partnership,” said Tina Pozzi, Chief Brand Officer at Bliss. “Bliss stands for unapologetic positivity and happiness, and in the face of global adversity, The Trevor Project aims to encourage and provide just that within its community. We’re thrilled to stand by them during this time of need.”

Beginning today, Bliss’ long-term partnership with The Trevor Project will help to fund their life-saving phone Lifeline, instant message, and text crisis services, its safe space social networking site TrevorSpace, as well as education, research, and advocacy programs. To kickstart these efforts, Bliss and The Trevor Project are launching a donation match campaign on Thursday, April 30th, in which Bliss will match dollar-to-dollar donations*, to help ensure that The Trevor Project’s resources remain available in this extreme time of need, and beyond.

As part of its multifaceted approach, Bliss will be engaging several LGBTQ advocates: editor Phillip Picardi and influencers, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, and Angel Merino (aka @Mac_Daddyy) to help spread awareness and fundraise for The Trevor Project during this pandemic. Phillip, Manny, Bliss, and The Trevor Project will be co-hosting a “Live for Lives” Instagram Live “Telethon” along with featured guests like Nikita and Angel to drive awareness and donations, while sharing uplifting stories to spread some much-needed bliss and happiness to the community, as well as the general public. You can tune-in on Friday, May 1st at 12 PM PST/3 PM EST on the @bliss Instagram channel.

“As LGBTQ youth continue to find ways to cope with stress and anxiety during the pandemic, The Trevor Project has experienced more than double the volume of young people reaching out to our crisis services,” said Muneer Panjwani, Head of Corporate Development for The Trevor Project. “Bliss’ match will help us continue providing crisis services to the growing number of LGBTQ young people in need of mental health support. We’re excited for the telethon to reach LGBTQ youth with clear messages of love and hope, so that even if viewers feel isolated or are living in unsupportive environments, they know The Trevor Project is here for them 24/7, and that they are loved and never alone.” 

*For more details on the donation match and to get involved, please visit, as well as Bliss or The Trevor Project on Instagram.

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