British Heart Foundation launches new ad

The British Heart Foundation has launched its latest TV advert in partnership with Space City.

Having previously launched a TV advert in 2017, the charity utilised the UK’s most lucrative means of advertising to promote their Heart Matters Magazine.

The advert focused on stimulating direct responses, while focusing on accruing data for the BHF as they look to improve and populate their CRM.

Focusing on a live-action and animation combination, the advert utilised a diverse range of people to communicate the emotions associated with heart related issues – conveying the non-discriminite nature of heart disease in a reflective and inclusive fashion.

The animation element of the ad ensured of a concise and informative product showcase, replicating techniques previously used by Space City to exhibit and explain new products or services to consumers.

Director of the commercial, Greg Simmons, was full of praise of the charity as he reflected on the advert, he mused: “Working with the British Heart Foundation was an exciting prospect, but I didn’t realise how humbling an experience it would be.

“It put us in touch with real people who’ve been through extremely difficult situations as a result of heart disease and made it out the other side.

“I sincerely hope the advert is a success as the Heart Matters Magazine really does help people like this overcome a disease that can at times feel insurmountable.”

Space City say: “With an emotive campaign utilising shifts in tone and speed of delivery, the debut advert showcasing Heart Matters could accentuate the experience derived emotions that ensure of memorability and response.

If a consumer can relate to an advertisement, or at least imagine themselves in the situation of the actor in the advert, they can experience events more viscerally, ensuring that there is increased indexation of the product, boosting hopes of the multiplier effect.

To truly deliver an advert enveloped by inclusiveness, subtitles of all elements of the creative were provided, ensuring those hard of hearing also had the ability to engage in the advert.”

The new British Heart Foundation advert is now being broadcast nationwide across the UK, utilising linear TV advertising as the stimuli.


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