CIPR launches Influencer Marketing Panel

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has announced the launch of its new Influencer Marketing Panel

Led by co-chairs, Scott Guthrie, Anne-Marie Lacey and Deb Sharratt, the Panel’s purpose is to educate and empower CIPR members to practise influencer marketing ethically and effectively, to provide a voice of authority to this developing discipline and to enable practitioners to consider their own influence. 

The CIPR has previously stated how influencer marketing and PR practice sits within its Code of Conduct. The Panel will assist the Institute in leading from the front in a fast-growing industry sector as a way of promoting an ethical approach and best practice in the field, rather than just adhering to rules and regulations.

Here, the three co-chairs answer some initial questions about the Panel and its purpose:

Why is there a need for a CIPR Influencer Marketing panel?

PR practitioners have always sought to influence opinion and behaviour via third parties. These were once journalists, analysts and government officials. Social media has enabled influencers to emerge on every media, in every market. Public relations now has an opportunity to help shape the future of the influencer marketing industry – a sector which has grown in worth over the past five years from $500m to $8.2billion globally.

Scott Guthrie MCIPR, co-chair CIPR Influencer Marketing Panel

What the panel will do?

The purpose of the Influencer Marketing Panel is to explore and shape the impact of the field on public relations and the wider business community. If PR is about reputation, then absolutely influencer marketing should fall within our remit – influencer marketing is about much more than just trying to sell stuff. As such, the panel will aim to define best practice, build awareness of best practice and ultimately help our members to adopt best practice, so they can work effectively and ethically with influencers, to achieve organisational benefits for clients and employers.

Anne-Marie Lacey Chart.PR and FCIPR, co-chair CIPR Influencer Marketing Panel

How is influencer marketing relevant?

The important role of communication in any organisation is being fully demonstrated at the moment. Where this is most effective is when messages are delivered by trusted sources in a consistent and timely way, to the right people. There will be an important role for influencer marketing to play in the new world where being ethical, having integrity and delivering value will be paramount to the success of communications.

Deb Sharratt Chart.PR, FCIPR, co-chair CIPR Influencer Marketing Panel

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