Cure Alzheimer’s Fund & BBDO NY Launch first-ever PSA, “Daughter and Mother”

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has released its first-ever PSA, “Daughter and Mother” the video shows the effects Alzheimer’s can have on your loved one.

The goal of the Campaign, the first run by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is to shed light on how an investment in a cure is an investment in all of our futures. The film was created pro bono by BBDO New York, it was created out of the insight that’s motehr’s will do anything to ensure that their children’s lives are happy, fulfilled, and unburdened; even when they are grown.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is not like many Alzheimer charities which are based around creating awareness of the disease, it is dedicated to funding research with the highest probability or preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

Barbara Chamber, Senior Engagement Officer from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund told us: “Alzheimer’s disease effects 6 million people in the US; the number is escalating, and the disease is always fatal. And, women are afflicted at twice the rate of men.”

“This film is important to bring increased awareness of the disease and its true impact – to those who are diagnosed as well as those family members and friends who care for them. It is a devastating disease physically and emotionally. Our hope is that with increased awareness will come the understanding that the only way to rid our world of this disease is through research.”

David Lubars, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Worldwide commented on the thought process that went into the project:  “No parent ever wants to be a burden to their children, and so when you become a burden to your children and you have Alzheimer’s, you don’t know it anymore.  We depicted it where ‘You’d never be that when you’re aware, so when you’re not aware, don’t be that either, so please help us find this cure so that doesn’t happen.’ The idea came right out of those insights.”

At present, the work is being posted on Cure Alzheimer’s Fund website and social channels.


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