Design Bridge create limited edition tin for Cadbury Heroes to mark 10th birthday of Help for Heroes

Design Bridge have shared details of a special, limited edition tin they’ve created for Cadbury Heroes to mark the 10th birthday of Help for Heroes, the charity that supports people with injuries and illnesses sustained while serving in the British Armed Forces. Connected by its name, Cadbury Heroes was perfectly placed to partner with the charity and the design celebrates a decade of its exceptional work and the bravery of the people it supports.

David Annetts, Executive Creative Director from Design Bridge commented, “We wanted the design to focus on the optimism and positivity of Help for Heroes’ work and the great sense of pride and admiration the charity inspires in the friends and family of those who’ve served in the British Armed Forces. With this in mind, our design takes inspiration from the celebratory regalia of a traditional homecoming parade, in particular decorative, hand-painted military drums, to fittingly mark the occasion of the charity’s 10thbirthday.”

Design Bridge have transformed the Cadbury Heroes tin into a special military drum with a realistic, textured drum skin and drumsticks on the lid and ropes, clasps and golden fastenings that appear to be painted onto the tin. The decorative emblems and regalia that traditionally adorn the sides of a military drum have been replaced by special hand-painted versions of the Help for Heroes 10th birthday and Cadbury Heroes logos, and flowing banners bearing the logos of the Cadbury Heroes chocolates. Further details include a ‘ribbon’ in the Help for Heroes signature colours running around the rim of the lid and the “Drumming up support” caption ‘painted’ on the tin in gold. 

David Annetts, continued, “The tin of chocolate was once traditional in British homes, but in modern times it’s often replaced by a plastic tub, which can feel less special. The beautiful, decorative tin we’ve created here is a welcome return to the tradition of collectible tins.”

Declan Duggan, Senior Brand Manager Christmas & Halloween from Cadbury commented, “We feel privileged to have worked with Help for Heroes on this limited edition tin that marks 10 years of their amazing work. Design Bridge have done an excellent job at bringing out a mood of celebration for the occasion in a way that feels fitting and respectful to the cause, and that allows the two brands to sit together very comfortably on the tin.”


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