How We Design Compelling Signage Ethically by Paul Larry

We are pleased to present this article on “How We Design Compelling Signage Ethically” by Paul Larry of  Visual Communications, this is an insight into what he feels makes them an ethical company and how they go about things.

Our thoughts on the changing face of Ethics in an internet age

Ethics is causing concerns within society today. Since the advent of the internet, marketing scenario’s are changing fast. Today a customer is not an individual but is instead considered incoming dollars. Online, many companies follow a totally different strategy that is geared up only to make more money.

Many Companies marketing online have their own culture and the most important thing for them is to make profits, one way or another. Copied goods and fake marketing slogans are increasingly common. The values that existed 30 years back have changed. For many the principles of ethics and integrity have almost lost their place in a society where a man’s word is no longer collateral. The way customers are treated used to affect business profits but not so much anymore. We are living in a different world which is more technical. The Internet is transforming the way we live, work, and conduct business.

Competition is fierce today and many companies want to compare themselves with others in the marketplace and quite a few will lie to get ahead of others. It is estimated more than 50% of all the companies on the internet claim to have served thousands of clients whereas the reality may be they may have served only a dozen or so. They lie in an effort to gain customers. This unethical practice is very common and is misleading their potential customers. Another tactic we have seen is cheaper imported materials being sold for triple the price for hefty profits and these cause more landfill. All these are unethical practices.

Ethical practices have social and environmental bonuses. Ethical marketing is supposed to generate customer interest in products or services and also build customer interest and lasting relationships. It is based on ethical principles and design agencies that follow these principles can survive in business for long.

About Us, and how we do it

As a signage design company, we look to use ethical ways to get new customers and retain the old ones.  As a small business, we conduct business meetings with clients and as business owners make our own decisions. In any project, all stakeholders have a say and based on their input and feedback the projects move forward.  We have never lied about the number of clients we have served. Our client list is available on request and one can get an idea about our expertise by checking out the works done for previous clients online. We are careful to check that all the materials that we use are of high-quality and do not harm the environment. We have found that using recyclable materials are more environmentally friendly and we feel it is ethical to use these.

We make an effort to ensure our advertising is fair and does not violate the principles of ethics. We find this allows us to work profitably while acting in ways responsible to the environment. We are careful to make sure we never copy other company’s designs, as we feel that is an unethical practice, and as such we have our own in-house designers that are very talented and can create unique signage designs and systems without feeling they are too complex. We feel that the experience that we have gained over the years, and our ethical outlook gives us an edge over our rivals. We work hard to ensure our cost is reasonable and we never overcharge our client for any reason. They only pay for the quality they get.

Our Product

By using the right colors, fonts and illustrations we can make signage more compelling.  This involves knowing more about the trade. Knowledge is gained through experience and meetings with clients where we gather more information about their requirements and branding which all helps with the design process.

In retailing, when we find a lack of signage, we know how it affects business. A good sign is one of the best and most environmentally friendly ways to showcase your store or product. Proper signage adds to the personality of the store and customers do not get confused while shopping. It is displayed in the front and center of the store and also in areas that get more foot traffic. Customers are able to tell why they are looking at a selection of goods and what it actually is.

Our compelling signage holds the customers’ attention. They have the clear font characters sans the curly-cues and have a single color. The customers first read the sign before paying attention to the products. Customers are able to quickly read the signage so they can go ahead with their next move. This makes shopping easier and more enjoyable when they meet no level of confusion while in the store.



Paul Larry was formerly associated with a BPL marketing firm. He has a number of years of experience designing visually aesthetic logos and promotional materials. He is currently associated with Visual Communications
This article was written by, and is (c) 2017 by Paul Larry. All opinions, recommendations and views expressed in this article are solely those of Paul Larry.

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