Getting the stories for EMN – Ethical Marketing News Blog – 05/08/17

I’ve had a few emails asking about how we put together the stories for Ethical Marketing News. The site has been running for coming up for 6 months now and the feedback has been great so far. Thank you so much for everyone that helps in that, to the people who send me stories, and to the people who answer my requests for press releases and more quotes and pictures.

Probably the most difficult thing I’ve found is sourcing new stories and trying to get articles and stories for the site. I make sure we have at least 1 article a day and try for more but sadly it’s not always possible. The first thing I do is search my twitter feed for likely stories and then I look on other marketing sites to see what there is that might fall under my rather loose umberella definition of ethical marketing. I never copy stories from others but I have been known to get inspiration from others, who may cover many more stories than I am sadly capable of doing. After that I will contact the agencies involved to try to get a press release, an image and if possible a new quote. This is often where the process falls down. In the last week I have sent out over 30 emails asking for press releases, etc and had maybe 6 replies. I was always lead to believe that it is valuable to get your press release shared as many places as possible, so it surprises me that more people don’t want to do this. It doesn’t take much to send a press release and get it featured.

It is important to note that there are some companies who are great at sending stuff and send it on their own such as Saatchi & Saatchi, and BBH. The stuff they send makes it easier for us when preparing the articles each day. We couldn’t do Ethical Marketing News without the good faith of the companies that send us information and stories. As we become more established I hope that more of these marketing companies will see the value in having their stories featured in Ethical Marketing News, judging from the research we’ve done we have a strong following amongst marketing professionals and influencers in Marketing.

Six months in I’m looking forward to where we go next but thank you for your interest in how we put together our stories on a day to day basis. I hope that if you have anything which you think may be of interest to Ethical Marketing News, please feel free to contact us.


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