10 of my favourite Ethical Ads

I come from a graphic design background so I thought it might be nice to highlight some of the graphic design ads I like the design of, this might become a more regular thing as there’s some great designs out there.


Anando Milk Building Advertisement – The idea was to encourage children to drink more milk by exaggerating the benefits of milk. I just love the scale and ridiculousness of this


WWF  – This was used for Earth Hour, very powerful from a simple image


Society for the Protection of Animals – Help Us Fight The Effects Of Cosmetic Testing – a powerful ad that highlights animal testing


WWF – Ad which very powerfully shows the dangers to people of deforestation 




















WWF – Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs, this is a dark image which gets across its point strongly


Amnesty – These ads were run in Switzerland and were purposefully created for each background. Very powerful imagery to confront people


World Tobacco Day 2010 – There is some lovely use of imagery in this one


WWF India – Time is Running Out, this one seems to be almost like a book cover, simple but very effective


South Africa – These ads were put on the bottom of baskets to help tackle child poverty and hunger, very effective I would say.


Ave the Rhino – Powerful ad reminding us all animals are unique.


And lastly, an ad designed in an interesting way to tackle global warming:

WWF – Ad which uses shadows to simulate water, very clever

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