Episode 8 of CIPR’s Engage Podcast out now; the fight against climate change disinformation

“So as an issue, I can’t think of anything more important for us as communicators – as those who help make sense of the world. Without trying to define communications and PR, I think that’s, kind of, what our mission or purpose is. I think it’s absolutely essential that we understand what’s happening, what the motivations are, who the actors are, what the distribution channels are, and then what our moral and ethical obligations are, both to understand that and apply that to our work.” 

– David Gallagher, Communications expert and advisor

The latest episode of CIPR’s quarterly ‘Engage’ podcast is out now, exploring the role of public relations in the fight against climate change disinformation.  

Hosted by CEO of Lynn Group, Shayoni Lynn, ‘Cleaning up toxic information: The fight against climate change disinformation’ discusses how PR professionals can play a key role in communicating accurate and timely information on climate and sustainability. The episode examines how fossil fuel interests have muddied the debate over climate, how information pollution creates inaction, and how conspiracy theorists are stirring up culture wars over climate.   

Joining host Shayoni Lynn, are guests;  

  • David Gallagher, Communications expert and advisor  
  • Stefan Rollnick, Head of Lynn’s, Misinformation Cell  
  • Rebecca Zeitlin, Marketing Director, Levidian 

This episode is one of the most important we have recorded. It looks at the significant challenges PR professionals have in responding to the climate change crisis; understanding the issues and the science, working to ensure the organisations we represent act accordingly, knowing if, when and what to communicate, and considering the position of those who are actively working against those interests. To tackle mis and dis information we first need to understand what it is and how it is being used. 

This thought-provoking discussion covers these areas and more. From conspiracy theories to cultural considerations, it is a fascinating and important listen that will give you plenty to consider and actions to take. I want to thank Shayoni, David, Rebecca and Stefan for their time and valuable insight.
Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board

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