Fundraising Site Debuts Free Crowdfunding For Nonprofit Causes, a popular fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations, released a new version of its crowdfunding offering on Tuesday. The new release has features similar to other crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, but RallyUp isn’t charging a fee for its service. Anyone raising money for a nonprofit group such as a charity, school, or church can fundraise on the site.

“We released a free crowdfunding option for a couple of reasons,” says Founder and CEO Steve Bernat. “The crowdfunding market has become very saturated at this point. RallyUp offers nine other great ways to raise money in addition to crowdfunding. By giving away standard crowdfunding, we hope to bring attention to the other creative tools that organizations are using to successfully raise money on our platform.”

But the company also has a bone to pick with other sites that advertise themselves as free. “Many of the ‘free’ sites out there aren’t really free,” says Bernat. “Sure, they don’t charge a fee to the nonprofit, but they solicit each donor to add a ‘tip’ of 15% or more to pay the site. That seems ridiculous – why should someone have to pay a ‘tip’ for giving money to charity?”

RallyUp also believes it offers a better donor experience than other fundraising sites, free or paid. The pages look modern, and the donation process is clean and simple. “We appreciate all the options RallyUp has given us in terms of streamlining our fundraising process,” said Robert Catalanotto of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, a RallyUp customer.

The new free crowdfunding option was released in time for Giving Tuesday fundraising, and can be used immediately by visiting Keep in mind that the site only supports fundraising that benefits nonprofit groups like charities, schools, and sports teams; it doesn’t allow fundraising for personal causes. Anyone can run a fundraiser on the site, however, if the funds go to a nonprofit organization.

RallyUp is an online fundraising platform that lets nonprofit organizations create, run and manage fundraising campaigns. The site offers 10 campaign types with dozens of options in a single, integrated platform that’s easy to navigate. The company serves thousands of charities, schools, churches and other groups daily, and has run some of the nation’s largest charity campaigns. For features other than free crowdfunding, RallyUp charges a small transaction fee for the use of its platform – there are no upfront costs or monthly charges. You can learn more about RallyUp by visiting them on the web at



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