GingerMay Proudly Joins the B Corp™ Movement to Do Business, Better

GingerMay, a multi-award-winning global agency for integrated B2B tech communications, today announced its B Corp Certification, a significant achievement that verifies its sustainable values. GingerMay joins a global community of businesses that prioritise social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency, and redefining sustainable success.

As environmental awareness grows, expectations of planet-conscious practices are increasing. According to Deloitte, nearly half of businesses (46%) set minimum sustainability thresholds for their partners. GingerMay’s B Corp status not only ensures alignment with the highest ethical benchmarks, but also helps clients demonstrate their green commitments.

Choosing a B Corp Certified partner provides the dual advantages of shared values and clear validation. For companies keen to protect the environment and promote social equality, working with GingerMay gives assurance of mutual dedication to principle-driven operations. At the same time, the company’s rigorously assessed approach further enhances the credibility of partners’ sustainability statements and goals, fostering greater evidence-based trust.

“I am determined to ensure that business is a force for good”, comments Victoria Usher, CEO and Founder of GingerMay. “This certification underscores GingerMay’s ambition to continue being a purpose-driven change agent — one that is legally committed to making a positive and meaningful difference to people and the planet. And, by donating between 0.5% and 1% of our client fees to important causes as part of our B Corp efforts, we ensure clients can also make an immediate positive difference – even if their own framework is in development. This includes providing essential funding for charities that align with key company values of supporting people and the planet.”

GingerMay has made a legal commitment to uphold B Corp™ values, the highest standard a socially responsible business can attain. It will be publishing an annual impact report to assess its performance against set targets as agreed by stakeholders, which will be shared publicly once completed.

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