Havas Media Group Launches Meaningful Marketplaces

Havas Media Group has announced the launch of Meaningful Marketplaces, a new, more impactful way of investing in trusted news sources and minority-owned and operated media. Built from a consumer-first perspective, Meaningful Marketplaces provide a direct connection to trusted, influential, and engaging media curated by humans and never machines. Havas Media Group’s full roster of clients will have access to this new offering globally.

Meaningful Marketplaces offer an immediate reduction in sell-side fees for media partners, giving them a more equitable share of investment and greater opportunity to invest in content and creators. Under this ecosystem, advertisers have a guaranteed brand safe environment, wherein they can support media that matters. Plus, the system includes transparent costs from the buy to sell sides available to both advertisers and media partners.

Havas Media Group understands that some media, Meaningful Media, matters more by making a difference to the brands, businesses, and people it impacts. But too often, the path to the most Meaningful Media isn’t straight forward. Media buyers must navigate a complex system of intermediary technologies and media partners can shoulder high sell-side technology fees. Worse, some of these technologies fund disinformation while denying funding to news content, LGBTQ+ creators, and minority-owned businesses.

In joining the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) last fall, Havas Media Group committed to the organization’s best practice manifestos in six key areas: Anti Ad-Fraud, Informed Consent, Diversity, Fake News, Hate Speech and Children’s Wellbeing. The manifestos enable and encourage brands, agencies, and adtech companies to make conscious decisions around how they operate and the content they produce. In working to bridge the gap between technology and ethics, Havas Media Group recognized that systemic problems require systemic change, leading to the development of Meaningful Marketplaces.

The launch of Meaningful Marketplaces builds on Havas Media Group’s industry leading 2020 launch of Social Equity Marketplaces in the US, UK, Germany, and France. It marks the latest step in the agency’s commitment to working hand in hand with partners to deliver real and lasting change within and beyond the industry. 

“Meaningful Media has never been more important. To thrive, it needs an equitable and self-sustaining ecosystem,” said James Gyngell, Global Managing Director of Partnerships at Havas Media Group. “We developed Meaningful Marketplaces to function as that ecosystem, ensuring transparency for all stakeholders and investing for positive change. Launching first with MediaMath, Pubmatic, and Magnite, we invite all participants in the industry to join us.”

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