ICM, in partnership with Publicis Conseil Launch Shake Parkinson’s Off Campaign

For World Parkinson’s Disease Day, the ICM, in partnership with Publicis Conseil, is launching a new campaign to raise awareness and appeal for donations.

The campaign will comprise a film running online and on TV, supported by a mobile phone version using haptic technology.

While watching the film, the technology triggers phone vibrations, recreating the tremors of Parkinson’s disease and helping fuel a new, immersive and emotionally powerful experience.

The film takes us through Tom’s life, from his childhood to old age. During the key moments of his life, the different emotions he feels make him tremble. When he is older and the symptoms of the disease start to appear, his tremor is no longer due to the emotions but to Parkinson’s disease itself and they don’t stop.

The objective of the film is to create understanding through associating Tom’s trembling to the phone vibrations. The campaign aims to engage all generations, and to mobilise a younger audience.

Because only “our emotions should make us tremble”, everyone will have the opportunity to stop the vibrating by making a donation to the ICM to support the research and help the institute to defeat Parkinson’s disease.




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