Meet My Liver, the First Chatbot Designed for Social Drinkers

“I’m never drinking again!” It’s a promise we’ve all made and kept—until the next round of shots the following evening, that is.

To raise awareness about the issue of social drinking and help a new generation of consumers drink more responsibly, Bleublancrouge joined forces with Let’s Drink Better, a Quebec association of restaurant and bar owners, to give a voice to the one “person” who remembers  every drink you’ve had and all your drink-fuelled evenings: your liver.

My Liver is the first bilingual chatbot designed for social drinkers. Available 24/7 on Facebook Messenger, it analyzes the effects of alcohol, provides helpful advice to avoid a hangover and, above all, checks in on you the morning after, to help you drink in moderation.

It’s no ordinary chatbot, we programmed an AI to identify the best ways to curb poor social drinking habits. Overtime, My Liver’s answers become increasingly relevant to the user who is interacting with it. He adapts and defines the best arguments, tips and approaches that will resonate with users and help them to drink more responsibly.

Today,  My  Liver  has  thousands  of  weekly  users  in  more  than  50  countries  including  the  USA, England, France, Spain, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Poland and Canada.

  • Average Time Spent by All Users: 6.40 Days
  • Average Consumptions log all time: 5.62.


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