IPA announces 2020 Summer Honours

The IPA has honoured 15 industry practitioners in recognition of their exceptional and prolonged contribution to the IPA in its annual Summer Honours.

These outstanding individuals will also be honoured with FIPA (Fellow of the IPA) status or Honorary FIPA status to those not in IPA member agencies.

The seven FIPAs are:

  • Dan Appleby, Managing Director, Drummond Central and outgoing IPA City Head for Newcastle and the North East
  • Phil Coverdale, Managing Director, Cravens and former IPA City Head for Newcastle and the North East
  • Neil Henderson, Chief Executive, St Luke’s and IPA Council member
  • Jackie Holt, Managing Partner, BJL and IPA City Head for Manchester and the North West
  • Tim Jones, Managing Director, True and former IPA City Head for Bristol, The South West and Wales
  • Marc Nohr, Chairman, Fold7 and IPA Commercial Group Chair
  • Sam Phillips, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer + Chair, D&I Consultancy + Assistant Dean, Omnicom University and IPA Talent Leadership Group member

The IPA also awarded eight Honorary Fellowship (for individuals not with an IPA member agency) to the following individuals who have been key contributors to the IPA’s Effectiveness and Learning programmes, and to one long-serving member of staff.

  • Sera Holland, Co-Founder, Fawnbrake Collective
  • Chris Macleod, Director, Customer & Revenue, Transport for London
  • Sheila Mitchell, Marketing Director, Public Health England
  • David Payne, former IPA Consultant Head of Direct Marketing
  • Amelia Torode, Co-Founder, Fawnbrake Collective
  • David Wheldon, outgoing Chief Marketing Officer, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Steve Wilcox, Outgoing Managing Director, RSMB
  • Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, System1 Group

 The IPA also awarded five fellowships in its 2020 New Year Honours.

Dan Appleby, Managing Director, Drummond Central

As IPA City Head for Newcastle and the North East from 2017 – 2020, Dan has been instrumental in spearheading the programme of IPA activity, events and courses in the region. He has galvanised local members and driven record attendances at the annual evening events, and has also promoted the value of CPD and talent development in the area.

In addition, Dan has worked hard to promote the value of the IPA to local non-member agencies. One agency joined the IPA in 2019 and Dan has initiated conversations with several other prospective members.

Phil Coverdale, Managing Director, Cravens

Phil was IPA City Head for Newcastle and the North East between 2014 and 2017, during which time he played an important role in shaping, supporting and promoting the calendar of events and training courses in the area. He helped to bring the local agency community together and to represent their interests.

Phil also engaged with non-member agencies in the area and helped to recruit two new members.

Neil Henderson, Chief Executive, St Luke’s

Neil continues to be an outstanding contributor to and supporter of the IPA’s Effectiveness and Export efforts. He provided a client/agency platform for Very at Effectiveness Week 2018, and for the IPA slot at the World Retail Congress in the same year in support of the EffWorks ‘creativity and effectiveness’ initiative. In 2019 he joined the IPA delegation to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and presented the Old Mout case study on the Createch stage.

Neil is a long-serving member of both the IPA Council and the IPA Membership Committee, and his agency, St Luke’s, won CPD Gold Accreditation for 2017 and 2018.

Sera Holland, Co-Founder, Fawnbrake Collective

Together with her Fawnbrake Collective business partner Amelia Torode, Sera has comprehensively rethought and redesigned the IPA’s top-tier qualification, the Excellence Diploma. They have transformed its content, as well as how it is delivered and assessed, and the new-look qualification has been very positively received in 2020. In addition, Sera has written the IPA’s new Effectiveness Essentials online qualification for launch in the summer of 2020, helped with updates to the Eff Test, spoken on the Business Leadership programme, and was on the marking panel for the 2017/2018 Excellence Diploma essays.

Sera was previously chair of the IPA Effectiveness Leadership Group and a member of the IPA Council from 2015 – 2018.

Jackie Holt, Managing Partner, BJL

Jackie held the role of IPA City Head for Manchester and the North West from 2015 to 2018 and was instrumental in increasing the range, reach and popularity of IPA events and activity in the region. In addition to helping to stage successful annual evening events, Jackie hosted well-attended workshops and talks at her agency, including one with Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland.

An ever-enthusiastic IPA advocate and champion, Jackie introduced a newsletter for each of the four areas in England & Wales, thereby helping to keep members abreast of local and national IPA activity.

Tim Jones, Managing Director, True

Tim was City Head for Bristol, The South West and Wales from 2017 – 2019, during which time he worked hard to drive forward the IPA’s agenda in the area, rallying members and driving record levels of engagement with IPA courses and events. He organised several successful IPA events – notably hosting Behavioural Economics expert Richard Shotton and the entrepreneur Tom Kay, founder of Finisterre, at evening events in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Tim regularly travelled around the country to attend City Heads’ meetings and support IPA events further afield.

Tim has also been a great IPA champion to prospective members, initiating conversations regarding the value of membership with several agencies in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Chris Macleod, Director, Customer & Revenue, Transport for London

Chris made an inspirational contribution to shaping the agenda for IPA EffWorks, providing both sound counsel and speaker support for the IPA Effectiveness Week Thought Leadership Conference. He was also an active contributer to the R&D programme, offering his valuable time for research interviews on our Effectiveness Culture programme. In addition, Chris was a champion for IPA learning within TfL, sharing IPA knowledge with his 800 strong department.

In his new role as TfL Customer & Revenue Director, Chris is an advocate for viewing effective marketing in broad terms, encompassing more than communications and providing an integrated end-to-end service to customers, focusing on addressing key issues and opportunities. Chris served on the IPA Effectiveness Advisory Board from 2016 to 2019, and, with typical understanding of long-term commitment, he has now delegated his IPA Effectiveness Advisory Board role to his deputy and strategy director, Ian Pring. Chris started his career agency-side, working at McCann Erickson and Collett Dickenson Pearce. Before joining TfL in 2007 he also had a stint as marketing director at Papa John’s Europe. Chris is also a supporter of the Marketing Society.

Sheila Mitchell, Marketing Director, Public Health England

As Director of Marketing at the Department of Health and now at Public Health England, Sheila has been the client lead on some of the most iconic health behaviour change programmes and the winner of multiple IPA Effectiveness Awards including ‘Change for Life’ and ‘Stoptober’. She is responsible for the design and delivery of evidence-based social marketing programmes, that help people make healthy lifestyle changes. She is held in high regard by IPA member agencies who have worked with her as a strong and strategic marketing leader, with an ability to win the case for marketing investment within Government. Her strategic approach incorporates the use of behavioural science, creativity, data and, increasingly, optimisation of digital technology.

Despite intense pressure on her time, Sheila served on the IPA Effectiveness Advisory Board from 2016 – 2019, contributing to strategic debates, offering opinion and best practice advice, and lending her support as a speaker and panellist. She was also a huge fan of the IPA’s centenary celebration showcase, and went on to use the same curator to celebrate 100 years of Public Health Advertising. Sheila was awarded a CBE in the 2019 New Year’s Honours for services to public health. She is also a fixture in the Campaign Power 100.

Marc Nohr, Chairman, Fold7

Marc became Chair of the IPA Commercial Leadership Group in November 2018, since when he has galvanised the IPA membership to get behind the group’s growth-driving agenda. His purpose and vision has become the overarching strategy for the IPA Commercial Leadership Group, and has helped shape the output from the new business, client service and finance communities. The IPA’s annual Business Growth Conference in 2019, which Marc led, achieved a record number of attendees and attracted speakers from across the globe.

Marc is also actively involved on the IPA Council and the work the IPA does in collaboration with ISBA.

David Payne, former IPA Consultant Head of Direct Marketing

David Payne’s 16-year IPA career came to an end in 2019. He joined in May 2003, to help the IPA grow its community of direct marketing agencies. He brought with him decades of experience in the worlds of advertising and marketing, having worked at Wunderman Cato Johnson, Ogilvy & Mather, French Gold Abbott, as well as at Bozell in the US. On the client side, he had stints at Heinz, Bovril and United Biscuits. In the late 1980s David co-founded Payne Stracey, which was sold in 1998 to Omnicom.

For many years David ran the IPA’s Direct Marketing Group, which hosted numerous events and organised various initiatives, including the introduction in 2004 of a DM Charter, which was subsequently extended in 2009 to become the Fair Marketing Promise. David was also integral to the 2011 launch of DataSeal, an attempt to raise consumer confidence in marketers’ use of data, and over the years he advised many members on all sorts of data-related matters. David was also integral to the launch in 2018 of JICMAIL, the Joint Industry Committee for Mail. David is an Honorary Fellow, and former chairman, of the Institute of Direct Marketing.

Sam Phillips, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer + Chair, D&I Consultancy + Assistant Dean, Omnicom University

Sam is an active member and passionate advocate of the IPA Talent Leadership Group. She was particularly instrumental in the development and launch in 2020 of the IPA’s iList initiative to celebrate the advertising industry’s inclusivity champions. Previously, she was involved for many years with the IPA New Business Group.

Sam has recently her three-year term as the UK government’s inaugural Advertising Sector Champion for Disability, and she has educated the Council of Europe on media’s role in increasing awareness of people with disabilities. She is a founding member of Omniwomen UK + Allies, a global organisation dedicated to promoting the number and seniority of female talent within the holding company; the Exec Sponsor of OPEN Disability UK + Allies; past Exec Sponsor of OPEN Pride UK; and a driver of the #valuable500 programme to change businesses’ perception of the 1.3 billion people with disabilities. She is also a long-serving member of WACL.

Amelia Torode, Co-Founder, Fawnbrake Collective

Campaign magazine have called Amelia a ‘trailblazer, whose blend of refreshing honesty and practical insight is genuinely inspiring’, and over the years the IPA has benefited greatly from her energy and ideas. Back in 2009, Amelia was involved in an IPA working group on ‘Social Media: The future of advertising in a networked society’. She helped to run an ‘un-seminar’, out of which came ten core social media principles for the industry.

Subsequently, Amelia joined, and then became chair of, the IPA Strategy Group, in which context she masterminded the ‘Modern Briefing’ best practice guide and accompanying events. She oversaw and launched the IPA’s first iPhone/iPad app “Fast Strategy” in 2011. In addition, she provided valuable support to Ian Priest, IPA President 2013 – 2015, and his ADAPT agenda and was a part of the team responsible for the “Future of Advertising: System & Empathy” report. She has been a regular contributor to the IPA’s Professional Development programme for many years. Over the past 18 months she, together with her business partner Sera Holland, has been instrumental in redesigning and chairing the IPA’s flagship Excellence Diploma qualification.

David Wheldon, outgoing Chief Marketing Officer, Royal Bank of Scotland

David has long been an advocate of the IPA’s Effectiveness agenda, both as an influential marketing thought leader and as a wider industry client representative. In 2016 he supported the launch of the IPA Effectiveness Week initiative, speaking at the pre-launch at BAFTA, as Chair of the World Federation of Advertisers, and leading a panel discussion at our first Effectiveness Week two-day Thought Leadership Conference. From 2016 to 2019 he was an active contributor to the IPA Effectiveness Advisory Board. He was an advertising man turned marketing director, who continued to believe and promote win-win client-agency relationships.

David’s career started at Saatchi & Saatchi as a graduate trainee, before moving on to WCRS and Lowe Howard-Spink. Moving to Atlanta, he worked for the Coca-Cola Company as Global Director and VP of Advertising, before returning agency-side as President of BBDO Europe, and then as a main board director and CEO of Tempus Partners. Following WPP’s purchase of Tempus, David set up Team Vodafone for the group. In 2004 he joined Vodafone as Global Director of Brand and Marketing Communications, progressing to become Global Brand Director in 2005 and CEO of Vodafone Ireland Marketing in 2008, based in Dublin. Returning to London, David joined Barclays in 2012 as MD of Brand, Reputation and Citizenship. He took up the role of Chief Marketing Officer of RBS in July 2015. David is a former President of the World Federation of Advertisers, ex-Chair and council member of the MGGB, and a fellow of the Marketing Society.

Steve Wilcox, Outgoing Managing Director, RSMB

Steve was the joint architect of the IPA’s ground-breaking TouchPoints initiative, which was developed and launched in 2005. Since then his valuable expertise and advice has helped it grow to become a truly cross-media planning tool used by over 70 agencies and media owners. During this time, with Steve’s help, we have expanded the channel planning tool to include new and evolving currencies and ever more complex data sets.

Alongside his work on TouchPoints, Steve has been very closely involved in working with some of the industry Joint Industry Committees (JICs) to ensure best practice and high quality. This has been to the benefit of the entire industry and has helped ensure our trading currencies maintain their position as ‘best in class’.

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, System1 Group

Orlando represents System1 Group on the IPA EffWorks Advisory Board. His research focuses on advertising effectiveness and draws on psychology.

Over the last 20 years he has worked repeatedly with Peter Field and the IPA Effectiveness Databank to demonstrate the long and broad effects achieved by emotional advertising. Orlando led the IPA EffWorks Creativity and Effectiveness research for Effectiveness Week in 2018 and 2019, working tirelessly and beyond the call of duty to produce seminal new thinking around Fluent Devices and Lemon. The latter is a best-selling IPA publication.

Orlando is a visionary thinker and keen advocate and industry champion of the IPA’s Effectiveness agenda. He was due to take his 2019 Lemon presentation to the now-cancelled SXSW Festival in 2020, as part of the Advertising Research Foundation’s main programme

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