La Comunidad launches new campaign for Argentinian League Against Cancer

La Comunidad, the Buenos Aires office of innovative, cross-cultural agency the community, has launched a campaign for LALCEC (Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra el Cáncer or the Argentinian League Against Cancer). The spots and print ads of the skin cancer awareness campaign entitled “Prejudices” focus in on three ethnic groups – black people, Muslims and Latinos – and use racially prejudiced language to describe what appears to be these ethic groups – but in reality it’s the moles that are being described with the provocative language.

“They’re cruel, they’re capable of the worst. They’re a threat that knows no boundaries,” says the voiceover in the Muslim spot.

Meanwhile the Latino execution says: “They arrive without permission and take everything you have.”

“Their color, their appearance… There are plenty of reasons to be suspicious,” says the spot featuring a young Black man in a hoodie.

However, as the camera zooms in closer, we see that it’s actually focusing in on a mole – and we realize that the language is being used to describe skin cancer.

“Nowadays, there are more prejudices in the world than ever before; prejudices that harm our society. But with the Argentinian League Against Cancer, we found the only prejudice that can actually save our lives: prejudice against moles,” said Jose Molla, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at the community. “While the campaign seems deeply provocative, and we’re sure it could offend some, we wanted to make sure people don’t ignore the symptoms of skin cancer.”


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