Mental Health and Marketing

Well we are now over a week into October, and it’s looking to be a busy month. There a lot of events going on this month, which we will touch on with many more articles over the next few weeks. However I want to concentrate specifically today on one just gone past and one which is very important to the marketing and advertising industry.

In case you missed it this week had World Mental Health Day. Mental health is one of the issues these days often overlooked especially within the marketing and advertising industry, yet one which in many ways is quite prevalent. Working long hours in a creative fashion under a lot of pressure is not always good for people and their mental health. Because of this it was great to see The Drum putting together a number of mental health stories and initiative this week in order to help raise awareness within the industry. Please check out their site and have a look.

I think over recent years we’ve come to a greater understanding with regards to mental health but I think we still have a very long way to go. That’s a better understanding of the various aspects of mental health and the fact that most people have suffered at some point with some kind of mental health issue.

I think the marketing industry specifically, has at times, had little sympathy for people with mental health issues and it’s good to see them or more companies are realising that they have a part to play. It’s really important to break down the stigma attached to mental health because until we do that people will not seek the help that they need. Having mental health issues is not a weakness it does not mean that you’re not capable in some way, and I’m pleased that someone in the industry are beginning to realise that.

One of the things we covered this week was the WHO paper on mental illness please have a look at it and read it.

World Mental Health Day – Mental health in the workplace

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