merci® Chocolates launches “merci Asks” Campaign to inspire more genuine, everyday thank yous

merci® Chocolates launched a new national campaign today called “merci Asks” as part of its mission to inspire more genuine, everyday thank yous. Rooted in consumer insights, the man on the street style campaign showcases heartfelt ‘thank you’ messages to real people who deserve a thoughtful expression of gratitude.

“Who would you like to thank today?” That is the question merci is posing to consumers. The thoughtful collection of fine European chocolates is seeking to make an impact across broadcast, social and digital communications by offering consumers a platform to express their gratitude and inspiring them with ways to show it, as well.

“Now more than ever, the world could use a little more gratitude, and at merci we believe in the power of the simple, everyday thank you,” said Kelly Cook, Vice President of Marketing, Storck US. “From friends and parents to coaches and co-workers, the patchwork of people that make an impact on our everyday lives is made up of individuals that each deserve to be celebrated.”

Based on consumer insights, the campaign is designed to inspire more people to say thank you more often. A 2016 gratitude survey found that nearly 63% of Americans say they don’t show appreciation because they simply forget, or their mind is focused on other things. So, merci is on a mission to remind and inspire Americans to share more heartfelt gratitude each and every day.

Americans nationwide are encouraged to join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #merciAsks and sharing who they want to thank today.

Today, people all over the world say “thank you” with merci, the thoughtful collection of European chocolates. Known as Europe’s famous gift-giving chocolate, each slim, stylish box contains eight unique individually wrapped flavors and is available in milk chocolate and assorted varieties. With a name that literally means “thank you,” merci is founded on the idea that simple expressions of heartfelt gratitude can make a big impact within our daily lives.


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