MuslimGiving launches new crowdfunding platform

MuslimGiving has unveiled their newest product, CrowdGiving. CrowdGiving launched on the day of Arafat, a day of supplication and sacrifice.

They posted the following description of the new product on their website here:

On the greatest day of the year for Muslims, MuslimGiving is excited to unveil their newest product, CrowdGiving.

Instead of raising money for a charitable organisation, you can now also raise money for a personal or individual cause you are passionate about. Your funds are sent directly into your bank account so that you can access them at any time and begin making a difference. Many people raise funds for various reasons, including personal causes that inspire them.

Online giving has evolved rapidly. During the early days of MuslimGiving, our founders saw how technology could improve fundraising by connecting great causes to millions of people. Since then, MuslimGiving has raised millions of pounds for great causes.

Zero Platform Fees MuslimGiving will not charge CrowdGiving users a platform fee. This means our users can raise even more money for the causes they care about. A card processing fee is only deducted from the donation, which is typical for all transactions processed through our platform. By removing platform fees across CrowdGiving, more money will be going to the chosen cause.

Jilu Miah, Chief Executive Officer, MuslimGiving stated: “CrowdGiving is our newest service, opening doors for fundraisers who want to support a personal appeal or cause. It provides solutions to individuals and the community to raise money quickly and with Zero Platform fees.

CrowdGiving launched on the day of Arafat, a day of supplication and sacrifice. May Allah accept the good deeds from us and from you. Ameen

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