My Favourite 10 Charity/Non-Profit/Ethical Campaigns of March 2018

These are my top 10 favourite Non-Profit, Ethical or Charity Campaigns of the previous Month. This Month – March 2018. There were some campaigns I really liked in March. As I have already done a top 10 International Women’s Day Top 10 I have tried to avoid using those ones.

10. With the horrible attack in Florida, it was great to see businesses coming together against guns.

WeTransfer Launches Global Site Takeover Highlighting Effect of Gun Violence

9. A great campaign launched by the PFA dealing with dementia in former players.

PFA Launch Practical Guide to living with Dementia

8. OVO launch new campaign highlighting their issues with climate deniers.

OVO Energy champions renewables in biggest and most provocative ad campaign to date

7. The National Kidney Foundation launch a new campaign “Heart Your Kidney’s”.

National Kidney Foundation and Child Singer Angelica Hale Remind Everyone to “Heart Your Kidneys” on World Kidney Day

6. The Marvel Universe Unites is a new campaign run by Disney under their Marvel name.

Marvel Universe Unites for Children’s Charities

5. “Gesicht Zeigen!” launches a new campaign against racist propaganda on the internet uttilising the pwoerful imagery of Hitler and how he would have approved on much social media.

Hitler goes Social, non‐profit organisation “Gesicht Zeigen!” against racist propaganda on the internet

4. UNICEF Sweden has launched a new game Violence of Reality, that lets you experience domestic violence through the eyes of a child. The game is developed based on testimonials from children that have experienced domestic violence.

UNICEF Sweden launches new game Violence of Reality

3. The GenderCool Project is an awareness campaign that opens up the conversation around gender in a way the general public can understand. The campaign’s centerpiece chronicles the accomplishments of transgender kids and their young allies across the United States.   This is a really strong campaign.

Parents Launch National Campaign To Advance The Gender Conversation

2. National Literacy Trust launched a great campaign for World Book Day.

On World Book Day, ‘A Girl Who Reads… Can Dream’ film is launched in support of the National Literacy Trust.

1. This is one of those iniativess which I think could make a real difference oer time with the sheer scale.

First Sustainable Lego® Bricks Will Be Launched In 2018


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