Naked and Gidget Foundation Australia help parents tackle perinatal depression with self-help strategies inside children’s stories

Across Australia, 1 in 5 new mums and 1 in 10 new dads suffer from perinatal depression and anxiety (PNDA). That’s almost 100,000 expecting and new parents each year.

To coincide with World Maternal Mental Health Day on May 2nd, not-for-profit organisation Gidget Foundation Australia is launching the Little Helper Bunny Books: bedtime stories for little ones which double as parental self-help books, to tackle common symptoms of PNDA.

The books have been created by Naked as part of an ongoing partnership with Gidget Foundation to bring the often-silent issue of perinatal depression and anxiety into the open.

“This is a hugely important issue, and one that required us to think a bit differently about how we reach our audience.” said Jon Burden, Executive Creative Director at Naked. “For thousands of new parents who are struggling but haven’t reached out for help, their baby may be the only person that they actually talk to, so this was our start point. By focusing on that moment of bonding when parents read to babies, we’ve created something that starts people talking, while also driving much-needed funds to support Gidget Foundation’s great work.”

The Little Helper Bunny Books are a collection of four titles, beautifully illustrated and carefully written to deliver immersive content for little ones that puts proven psychological strategies between the lines for the reader. Each book is accompanied with its own online film, which explores the symptoms and strategies behind the book in more detail.

“The books aim to help parents tackle insomnia with visualisation; beat anxiety by anchoring themselves in the moment; handle low energy with discipline and exercise; and use gratitude to transform their point of view,”says Chris Barnes, Clinical Psychologist, Gidget Foundation Australia. “The reader is immersed in powerful and gentle psychological exercises designed to positively transform their state of mind and most importantly, each book is an invitation to speak to a psychologist if they need help.”

So, if you or someone you know is expecting, or a new mum or dad, The Bunny Books could be the most thoughtful and useful gift. With all proceeds going directly to The Gidget Foundation, the boxset includes four titles (Bunny Floats, Bunny Wears Gumboots, Bunny Finds Home and Run Bunny Run) andis available to purchase online at for $29.95 (plus P&P). With conversations well underway, Naked and Gidget Foundation aim to partner with corporate, healthcare and retail brands to increment points of distribution, making the Little Helper Bunny Books even more accessible to parents.


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