TBWA\Paris Launches Campaign with Burns And Smiles

Every year in France, 400 000 people get burnt, 10 000 of whom are considered as victims of severe burns. Once done with the (often long and painful) course of treatment, the first reflex of such patients is to retrieve from society, all the more if their scars are exposed for all to see. They isolate in order to avoid being seen, but also because there are no structures to assist them in resuming an – almost – normal life.

The Burns and Smiles Association, founded by Laurent Gaudens, himself severely burnt at the age of 4, aims at helping burn victims recreate social connections, thanks to:

  • the action of a powerful mutual help community
  • the organization of events that will boost the healing process, in group setting and with the assistance of professionals in the fields of health, personal development and cosmetic procedures.
  • the availability of an “emergency support fund”.

This is the second cooperation between Burns and Smiles and TBWA\Paris, a little over a year after the “Halloween” film, which told the story of a fire victim we followed along a very particular evening.

To raise the awareness of the public and help burn victims come out of the shadows, TBWA\Paris and TBWA\ELSE are showing us, for a second time in as many years, a strongly telling moment in the life of a burn victim.





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