Nestlé is the first UK advertiser to use recycled paper in OOH advertising

Nestlé UK&I has announced it will use 100% recycled paper for its outdoor 6-sheet paper-based advertising campaigns for 2021.

As part of a joint commitment between Nestlé and Posterscope, a specialist location marketing agency, to improve sustainability in out of home advertising, all 6 sheet paper posters will use green printing techniques on 100% recycled paper.

Nestlé brand campaigns to use the new format in the upcoming months include Polo, KitKat, Quality Street, and Nescafé.

Posterscope and MediaCo recently announced the launch of the 100% recycled paper in their advertising for the first time in the UK.

After months of research and development, the product offers advertisers recycled printing techniques to small format outdoor posters for the first time without loss of quality.  

Alain Duvaud, Group Marketing Director at Nestlé UK&I, said: “We are proud to be the first advertiser in the UK to commit to using 100% recycled paper for all of our outdoor 6-sheet paper poster campaigns for the rest of the year.

“Nestlé has a role to play in reducing our impact on the environment and that is why we have made a commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050. To do this requires action across our whole business, which includes everything from the energy we use in our factories to the materials we use in our operations including advertising.  

“The opportunity to use a 100% recycled and recyclable product for our OOH advertising, without losing the quality of the product, is an exciting development,” added Duvaud.

Claire Kimber, Group Innovation Director at Posterscope, added: “Posterscope believes in achieving meaningful progress for the brands it partners with and for society as a whole and this development represents an enormous step-change for the out of home industry.  We are delighted that Nestlé is the first of our customers to take this important step forward in OOH advertising and to commit to our efforts to significantly reduce the industry’s environmental impact.” 

Unlike current standard paper that has no recycled content, this new paper collects used paper which has the ink removed and is pulped prior to reaching the papermaking stage.  Old processes also involved using chlorine to brighten the paper, but this recycling process no longer involves the use of chlorine, while all inks used in the printing process are vegetable-based and eco-friendly.

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