Next Generation Of Marketers Want Job Security Over “Cutting Edge” Brands

New research published by the Chartered Institute of Marketing sheds light on what the next generation of marketers are looking for from their future employers.

A survey of young people (17-19-year olds), who have left school or college in the past six months, found that among them, four in ten are interested in a career in marketing. Looking to the future, it is large successful companies, rather than start-ups at the cutting edge or firms delivering a social good, that they most want to work for.

These findings suggest that the next generation of young people may have different priorities to the millennials who preceded them, who previous research suggests put a job with meaning above one with high pay.

The results of the survey of future marketers found:

  • Established firms vs innovative start-ups: 64% would choose to work in a multinational (36%) or established British firm (28%). Only a small proportion would prefer to work in an innovative start-up (11%), a small business (12%), or a charity or social enterprise (6%).
  • High salary over social value: A high salary (44%) was viewed as more important than a career that helps people (33%).
  • Successful business vs cutting edge: 60% said it was very important or extremely important to work in a business that is successful, compared to 35% who said that it was important to work in a business at the “cutting edge” of its industry and the 28% who wanted to work for a prestigious brand.

The research also asked young people interested in a career in marketing what they would be prepared to give up to land their dream job.

The perk most people were prepared to relinquish was a company car (48%), meanwhile only 39% said they would be prepared to work at the weekend, and only 29% would be prepared to give up training.

Who are the marketers of the future?

The survey of 500 young people, aged 17-19, who have left school or college in the last six months, found that four in ten (41%) young people would consider a job in marketing.

However, the next generation were at odds about the best way to get a job in marketing. Around a quarter (28%) felt the best way was by going to university, a fifth (21%) said a trainee marketing job, and 14% thought the best route was through a marketing qualification.  

The research also found: 

  • Young women more likely (45%) to want to work in marketing than men (34%).
  • Only 13% were very optimistic about getting a job that they really value. Around a third (36%) were fairly or very pessimistic.
  • Of those going to university, 38% said they would consider a job in marketing, compared to 44% of those not going to university.

Chris Daly, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing said: “This research sends an important message to businesses and marketing departments looking to attract the next generation of talent.

We shouldn’t be surprised, in the current economic climate, that young people are prioritising job security in big established firms.

These young people have grown up during an extended economic downturn, so it may be that the stability and job security of large successful firms is what appeals to them most.”

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