PR Industry Exasperated with Parliamentary Indecision

Commenting on the 29th March after the House of Commons again rejected the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement, Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) Director General, Francis Ingham, commented:

“The PR industry is utterly exasperated with the Parliamentary inertia and indecision that casts a cloud over our plans and our future that grows heavier day-by-day. 

“The UK PR practitioners whom I speak with on a literally daily basis hold passionate and divergent views on Brexit. But on one thing they are united -the need for Parliament to deliver certainty. 

“The international practitioners I work with view our indecision with a mixture of bewilderment, amusement, and -frankly- pity. 

“The UK PR industry cries out at this one-minute-to-midnight moment for a decision so that we can plan for the future. This indecision is beginning to have serious and damaging consequences for us all.”

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