PRCA comments on proposed salary threshold for foreign workers: “sending out entirely the wrong signal”

The PRCA has commented on the proposed £30,000 threshold on salaries for skilled foreign workers.

Ministers are expected to consult for another year on where to set the post-Brexit salary threshold for skilled immigrants. Theresa May has proposed to set the threshold at £30,000.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said:

“The 2018 PRCA PR and Communications Census tells us that average salaries for Account Managers are £31,000. So a Government cap on foreign workers of £30,000 would basically rule out anybody from overseas working in our industry in the early part of their career.

“Given that 14% of practitioners in the UK PR and communications industry do not hold a UK passport, this cap would cause employers significant recruitment problems in the future. As one of the two most advanced PR and communications markets in the world, many UK employers will see this as sending out entirely the wrong signal.”  

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