reboxed launches “F**K New” campaign on Black Friday to reduce throwaway culture’s toxic e-waste

F**k New is a new, social campaign from re-commerce tech brand reboxed which is seeking to mobilise people against throwaway culture, which has a hidden dark side of harmful emissions and toxic waste.

The campaign launches on Black Friday (aka the day when everyone buys shit they don’t need) and will run up until Christmas Day (aka the day when everyone buys shit for other people that they don’t need), across LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

F**k New is reboxed’s attitude to tech. For too long, mobile phone networks and manufacturers have kept us in a cycle of buying a brand-new handset, keeping it for a year or two, then ditching it for another one, the company argues. 

This linear model costs us loads of money and is creating a global e-waste crisis. According to the UN:

– The world generated 53.6 Mt of e-waste in 2019

– This is set to rise to 74.7 Mt per year by 2030

– The UK generates more e-waste per person than every other country besides Norway

But reboxed is pioneering an alternative circular model: rebox, rehome, repeat.

Choosing a refurbished phone from reboxed represents a smarter and more sustainable way to upgrade. With every purchase, customers save cash, one less device goes to landfill and reboxed plants ten trees with partner ecologi. These ten trees help to offset the average 79kg of carbon emissions generated when manufacturing a new smartphone. reboxed has also committed to creating a greener future by supporting climate change projects across the world with its charity partner 1% for the Planet. 

Phil Kemish, CEO and Co-Founder, reboxed, explains:

“There are more phones than humans on the planet and, thanks to our throwaway culture, millions of tonnes of electronic waste are created every year in Britain. This problem is exacerbated by Black Friday, when electronics are the most commonly purchased items. 

“That’s why we’re calling on the public to stand up and ‘F**k New’. Behind every brand-new device is a dark story of devastating carbon emissions. We simply don’t need to buy new and we shouldn’t be pressured by big brands and the media into doing so.”

His company’s longer-term goal? 100 million items rehomed by 2030. It’s already on the way there.

So join reboxed and F**k New

Follow reboxed and share the F**k New message on Instagram and Facebook

 reboxed phones: better for your pocket and better for our planet.

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