Richards Rose Brings Children and Scientists Together to Help Fight Kids Cancer

Having firmly cemented their unique brand positioning that ‘science is the solution’, The Kids’ Cancer Project are set to embark on a marketing campaign to demonstrate how the medical research they fund directly benefits young patients.

Enter Richards Rose, a communications agency that has worked with the independent national charity for over three years and in 2016 were instrumental in delivering a television commercial featuring Dr Alex Willows, himself a childhood cancer survivor.

In their latest collaboration, the team at Richards Rose and The Kids’ Cancer Project have developed a marketing suite that celebrates the genuine relationships between children with cancer and the clinician-scientists who are treating them.

“In today’s fast-paced, multi-channel world, we believe connecting with people emotionally is more important than ever,” said Digby Richards, CEO and founder of the agency. “We’ve consistently seen that when our work connects emotionally, it also has a positive impact on brand scores and our client’s bottom line.”

Two new television commercials provide a glimpse into cancer treatment from two perspectives; that of the young people who bravely confront cancer and its treatments, and the scientists who are championing bold scientific research projects to treat and prevent the insidious disease.

The emotion Richards talks about comes from the authentic and palpable comradery between patient and doctor. And it’s something that couldn’t be scripted as Linda Fagan, Head of Marketing and Engagement at The Kids’ Cancer Project explains.

“Cancer treatment for a child can last months, even years, while ongoing monitoring continues for the rest of their life,” she said. “Over this period of time, it’s only natural that a strong bond develops between them and their clinician.”

“Our campaign features real people, not actors, and we knew if we gave them a script we’d lose their natural warmth and spontaneity,” said Fagan.


Simon Edwards, Creative Director at Richards Rose, praised the skill of the director who was able to put it all on film.

“Director Tony Prescott really captured both the innocence of the kids and the commitment of the scientists in a way that could never have been done if we had staged anything,” said Edwards. “These are real moments, shared openly and without fear, and made this campaign a real joy to create.”

Richards noted that the campaign, which includes magazine and print executions, has a positive and optimistic tone reflecting the progress that is happening in the childhood cancer research sphere.

“The Kids’ Cancer Project is a wonderful cause that tangibly goes after the beast that is cancer,” said Richards. “This campaign amplifies what they do: bold science that truly helps these brave kids.”

“It’s delivered in an emotive, upbeat tone because there is real progress happening that needs to be maintained in order to beat cancer,” he said.

Owen Finegan, The Kids’ Cancer Project CEO is incredibly proud of the campaign, particularly as it demonstrates the ‘human side’ of science.

“The team have done a great job in bringing together the two reasons The Kids’ Cancer Project exists – children and science,” he said. “The warmth and passion of two of our highly accomplished researchers comes through the screen.”

“I’m looking forward to working with our corporate and media partners to assist with the means to roll this work out over the next 12 months,” said Finegan.

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