Where Do You Draw the Line? Ask Ads Highlighting Sexual Harassment in Ad Industry

The Advertising Association, in collaboration with NABS and WACL, is accelerating its anti-sexual harassment campaign #timeTo. With a series of new ads in digital, print and video format, the #timeTo campaign seeks to get the message that sexual harassment is never acceptable out to as many people in the advertising industry as possible.

Fully 26 percent of people working in the industry reported they had been the victim of sexual harassment (34 percent of female and 9 percent of female respondents).Since the launch of our timeTo Code in July we’ve seen a huge number of companies adopt the Code. Each and every one is helping spread the word that the industry will not accept any form of harassment, and that there are structures in place to defend the victims who have suffered and, in some cases, been forced out of the industry as a result.

The relaunched campaign illustrates some common scenarios in which sexual harassment can occur, from office parties to working late to even tendering for work.

Because this is an industry-wide problem, the AA, NABS and WACL are calling on each and every person in the industry to adopt, promote and ultimately enforce the code. It’s #timeTo come together and stamp out sexual harassment in advertising. For more information visit timeTo.org.uk

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