Seneca Women and Founding Partner P&G Launch New Podcast Network to Amplify Women’s Voices Worldwide

Kicking off a landmark year for women and girls, global women’s leadership platform Seneca Women today announced the launch of Seneca Women Podcast Network, a new women-led podcast network and app that will connect and amplify female voices around the globe.

Launched with the support of founding partner The Procter & Gamble Company, this new podcast network will produce original shows while providing a platform for the voices of established and emerging women leaders as well as organizations making a difference for women and girls. The network’s first podcast series, which debuted in late 2019, has already featured conversations with luminaries such as former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, and Arianna Huffington.

Although women make up nearly 50 percent of podcast listeners, women’s voices are under-represented in the fast-growing podcast space. With 2020 bringing the centennial of women’s suffrage in the U.S. and the 25th anniversary of the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, the podcast network will be oriented toward fixing that imbalance.

“Technology—in particular, podcasting—provides a unique opportunity to fast-forward progress for women around the world,” said Kim Azzarelli, CEO and Co-Founder of Seneca Women. “We no longer need to travel by horse and buggy to advocate for women’s progress as our foremothers did, but the discovery and amplification of a diversity of women’s voices is still a significant gap that we can help address through the Seneca Women Podcast Network and app.”

Building on Seneca Women’s thought leadership and its founders’ decades of experience in advancing women around the globe, as well as its first podcast series, Seneca Women Conversations on Power and Purpose, which debuted in 2019, the Seneca Women Podcast Network will be a trusted source for inspiring, purpose-driven and actionable content. Centered on the principles of power, purpose and connection, the Seneca Women Podcast Network will produce and curate audio content on a diverse range of topics that showcase positive role models, practical insights and shared learnings.

Season One of Seneca Women Conversations on Power and Purpose featured thought-provoking discussions from Seneca Women Forums at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with leaders including Andrea Jung; CEO of Coca-Cola James Quincey; Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus; Chelsea Clinton; and Valerie Jarrett, former adviser to President Barack Obama, among others.

“Media can be a powerful force for good, and the Seneca Women Podcast Network offers the opportunity to reinvent media with innovative, positive, and quality content. It’s time to ensure that the voices of women are finally and fully heard and amplified to help make the world a better and more inclusive place for all,” said Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G.

“Since the Seneca Falls convention of 1848, women in the U.S. have been on a journey to equal rights. That journey continues here and for women around the world,” said Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Chair and Co-Founder of Seneca Women. “The recent Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum predicts it will take another 99 years for us to get to equality. We are launching the Seneca Women Podcast Network to accelerate women’s progress, as we believe, progress for women is progress for all.”

“We’ve partnered with Seneca Women for several years to change the narratives about women in the workplace and the world and shift the focus from ‘fixing the women’ to fixing the bias and systems that can hold women back,” said Carolyn Tastad, Group President – North America and Chief Sales Officer, P&G. “The Seneca Women Podcast Network provides an important new platform for conversations and content to help expose blind spots and embrace broader perspectives and solutions that can change the trajectory of gender equality and create a more equal world for everyone.”

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