Serviceplan Group Unveil New House of Communication in Paris

Serviceplan France celebrated the relocation of their Paris headquarters to Rue de Villiers, Neuilly-sur-Seine, with an inauguration on Wednesday 19th October, which was attended by clients, agency colleagues and Paris-based German institutions.

The inauguration was hosted by Serviceplan Group France President Carole Giroud, and Serviceplan Group CEO Florian Haller, uniting cultures with an Oktober-fest themed event, which embraced the traditions of the German-headquartered Serviceplan Group, with those of its French sibling.

The move to a different location in Paris comes in a successful 2022 for Serviceplan Group, who recorded revenue growth of 28%, enjoyed a continued international deployment of their unique creative approach – ÜberCreativity – and won the accolade of Cannes Lions Independent Network of the Year.

In July, the independent communications group announced a record increase in turnover of +28%, reaching 623 million euros. Building on this success and the numerous creative awards won around the world, Serviceplan Group also announced the strengthening of its ÜberCreative approach within its various agencies. 

Serviceplan Group has 22 agencies in 16 Countries, with 5,000+ employees. In France the agency group is headquartered with the House of Communication Paris, a Serviceplan agency in Lyon and Plan.Net in Rennes. Europe’s leading independent communications group, Serviceplan Group was founded in Germany in 1970, and is headed by CEO Florian Haller and owned by 200 entrepreneurial partners united by an innovative and integrated approach guided by the desire to “Build Best Brands”.

Serviceplan Group France, chaired by Carole Giroud since January 2021, has 150 employees and brings together the 3 main pillars of communication within the House of Communication, thus enabling the delivery of fully integrated campaigns: Consulting in communication strategy / branding / advertising: Serviceplan – Consulting in media strategy and purchasing: Mediaplus – Consulting in digital experiences.

Carole Giroud is President of Serviceplan Group France, which embraces Serviceplan Group’s integrated approach, offering creative, digital, media and production services. The leadership team consists of; Stephane Perrot – Director of Serviceplan Paris; Mediaplus – Marion Dolbeau; Plan.Net – Pierre-Emmanuel Muller; Trinity Films – Renaud Chabert.

The new House of Communication Paris location has a bright and open layout, encouraging communication between colleagues whilst also offering places for private or collaborative meetings. These new hyper-connected premises offer maximum flexibility which encourage the ÜberCreative strategic approach of Serviceplan Group: namely, the desire to encourage innovation in the generation of ideas when all disciplines, cultures, talents and media collaborate and interact.

On the occasion of the inauguration of Serviceplan Group France’s new offices in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group, reviewed the results for the 2021/2022 financial year, which ended in June, commenting: “The group achieved a turnover of 623 million euros, an increase of +28% compared to the previous year’s 488 million euros. This particularly strong trend in 2022 is part of the organic and steady growth that began more than 50 years ago. The group has thus gained many customers and maintained excellent customer satisfaction (89% satisfaction rate). Moreover, it supports 62% of its customers in an integrated manner. We are proud of this success, it is the result of a collaborative effort by passionate freelancers. It is also proof that our innovative integrated approach works, as it is agile and efficient in a constantly changing world. Serviceplan Groupe has also accumulated numerous awards for its creativity, thanks to an ÜberCreative approach we won Independent Network of the Year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022, and the group is currently at the top of prestigious creative rankings.”

Carole Giroud, President of Serviceplan Group France adds: “The dynamics of a group with shared skills is a strength, as is the proximity of independent structures. With these new, open-plan offices, combining profiles, personalities and varied and renewed skills, our ÜberCreativity will only be strengthened!”

Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group, commented: “This move is significant for Paris as our new House of Communication is on one giant floor. The layout is based on our collaborative principle of ÜberCreativity where people from any discipline can cross the corridor and jam with another. ÜberCreativity is way more agile and innovative versus integrated advertising which is slow and consequential. I am confident that a fresh chapter of Effie and creative award-winning work will be born inside that space.”

Markus Noder, Managing Partner, Serviceplan International added: “The new House of Communication in Paris will support our growth ambition for France. The new office is designed around the latest new work principles, with the clear focus to enrich our working model of “Übercreativity”. We’re very happy to offer our current and future colleagues such an amazing place to work!

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