World’s First Charity-Powered Search Engine Answers Life’s Biggest Questions

This September, 200 charities are coming together to launch Human – the world’s first charity-powered search engine. Combining charities’ unique knowledge and expertise, Human enables the public to ask some of life’s biggest questions and to hear directly from charities, supporters and beneficiaries what they are doing in response. Developed by Remember A Charity and Atomic London as part of this year’s legacy awareness week, Remember A Charity in your Will Week (10-16 September 2018), Human will form an inspirational platform demonstrating charities’ pivotal role in helping to solve some…

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Cancer Research UK launches “Because of You” Mother’s Day campaign

cancer researck uk

Cancer Research UK has launched a new campaign to thank its 1.1million regular supporters and spread the message that, ‘Because of you’, mums are still sharing special every day moments right now. The “Because of you” campaign is aimed at supporters of the charity, which says donations have directly increased survival rates from one in four to two in four for ten years or more – meaning “thousands of mums are still being mum right now.”  A team of incredible women who have been treated for cancer captured their own…

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