Square Enix and Ad Council Form Groundbreaking Partnership Against Bullying

The Ad Council will work with Square Enix, Inc. to include KINGDOM HEARTS III characters in the anti-bullying campaign, Because of You, with the goal of inspiring teens to build a more inclusive and welcoming community. A new PSA featuring iconic characters from the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise encourages teens to consider the impact that their actions—positive or negative—can have on peers. The innovative program marks the first time the Ad Council has created a PSA with a video game publisher on a social good effort.  Featuring footage from the new…

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Meanness is on the Rise: New Campaign Pushes Back

In an effort to combat both online and offline bullying, the Ad Council has released Because of You, a new Bullying Prevention message aimed at heightening self-awareness and reflection among teens. The new work encourages teens to consider the impact of their actions, in a culture where meanness is normalized, to create a more empathetic, inclusive culture. Because of You is timed around two crucial moments for the issue–back to school season and Bullying Prevention Month in October–and inspires teens to start the year off right. The creative shows teens sharing honest…

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Cancer Research UK launches “Because of You” Mother’s Day campaign

cancer researck uk

Cancer Research UK has launched a new campaign to thank its 1.1million regular supporters and spread the message that, ‘Because of you’, mums are still sharing special every day moments right now. The “Because of you” campaign is aimed at supporters of the charity, which says donations have directly increased survival rates from one in four to two in four for ten years or more – meaning “thousands of mums are still being mum right now.”  A team of incredible women who have been treated for cancer captured their own…

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